Sundance Film Festival

‘Look Again’: The 2012 Sundance Film Festival Guide

Welcome to the full 2012 Sundance Film Festival schedule. As customary, the films presented this year are as unique and revolutionary as the festival’s reputation. Cutting-edge and exploratory (and a lot of robots this year), choosing which films to see can be difficult. We have highlighted, in pink, films with LGBT themes and that may be of interest to community members, as well as those featuring openly LGBT actors, directors and screen­writers, including: Cheyenne Jackson, Anne Heche, John Waters and Megan Mullally.

Second only to seeing the films, star-gazing at the Sundance Film Festival is one of the best pastimes to beat the dreary Utah wintertime blues. This year’s film lineup also boasts some A-list celebrities including Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron, Kirsten Dunst, Robert DeNiro, Sigourney Weaver and many more. Follow us as we tweet @QSaltLake for all the latest Sundance info and photos of celebrity spottings. But if you beat us to ’em, tweet us your photos @QSaltLake.


The world premieres of 16 American narrative feature films.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

U.S. (Director: Benh Zeitlin, Screen­writers: Benh Zeitlin, Lucy Alibar)

Waters gonna rise up, wild animals gonna rerun from the grave, and everything south of the levee is goin’ under, in this tale of a 6-year-old named Hushpuppy, who lives with her daddy at the edge of the world. Cast: Quvenzhané Wallis, Dwight Henry


Time        Date      Venue                           City

12:15P     1/20     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:30P      1/21      Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

3:30P      1/22     Rose Wagner Ctr       SLC

3:00P      1/23     Screening Rm            Sundnc

8:30P      1/24     MARC                           PkCty

Noon      1/26     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

The Comedy

U.S. (Director: Rick Alverson, Screen­writers: Rick Alverson, Robert Donne, Colm O’Leary)

Indifferent even to the prospects of inheriting his father’s estate, Swanson whiles away his days with a group of aging Brooklyn hipsters, engaging in small acts of recreational cruelty and pacified boredom. Cast: Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Kate Lyn Sheil, Alexia Rassmusen, Gregg Turkington


8:30P      1/21       Library Ctr Thtr     PkCty

11:30A    1/23      Prospector Sq         PkCty

2:30P      1/24      Screening Rm          Sundnc

3:00P      1/26      Eccles Theatre         PkCty

6:00P      1/27      SLC Library              SLC

8:30A      1/28     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

The End of Love

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Mark Webber)

A young father unravels following the loss of the mother of his child. Cast: Mark Webber, Shannyn Sossamon, Michael Cera, Jason Ritter, Amanda Seyfried, Frankie Shaw


2:30P      1/21      Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:00P      1/22     Screening Rm           Sundnc

8:30P      1/23     MARC                          PkCty

6:00P      1/24     SLC Library               SLC

3:30P      1/25     Eccles Theatre         PkCty

8:30A     1/27     MARC                         PkCty

Filly Brown  

U.S. (Directors: Youssef Delara, Michael D. Olmos, Screen­writer: Youssef Delara)

A Hip Hop-driven drama about a Mexican girl who rises to fame and consciousness as she copes with the incarceration of her mother through music. Cast: Lou Diamond Phillips, Gina Rodriguez, Jenni Rivera, Edward James Olmos


5:30P      1/20     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

8:30A      1/21      Egyptian Theatre   PkCty

6:00P      1/22     Tower Theatre         SLC

12:15P     1/24     Eccles Theatre         PkCty

5:30P      1/27     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

The First Time

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Jonathan Kasdan)

Two high schoolers meet at a party. Over the course of a weekend, things turn magical, romantic, complicated and funny, as they discover what it’s like to fall in love for the first time. Cast: Brittany Robertson, Dylan O’Brien, Craig Roberts, James Frecheville, Victoria Justice


12:15P     1/21      Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:00P      1/21      Screening Room      Sundnc

7:00P      1/22     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

6:00P      1/23     SLC Library                SLC

2:30P      1/25      MARC                          PkCty

8:30A      1/26     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

For Ellen

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: So Yong Kim)

A struggling musician takes an overnight long-distance drive in order to fight his estranged wife for custody of their young daughter. Cast: Paul Dano, Jon Heder, Jena Malone, Margarita Levieva, Shay Mandigo


5:30P      1/21      Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:00A      1/23     Egyptian Theatre    PkCty

11:30A     1/24     Screening Room     Sundnc

6:00P      1/25      Tower Theatre         SLC

6:00P      1/26     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

11:30A     1/27     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

Hello I Must Be Going

U.S. (Director: Todd Louiso, Screen­writer: Sarah Koskoff)

Divorced, childless, demoralized and condemned to move back in with her parents at the age of 35, Amy Minsky’s prospects look bleak — until the unexpected attention of a teenage boy changes everything. Cast: Melanie Lynskey, Blythe Danner, Christopher Abbott, John Rubinstein, Julie White.


9:30P      1/19      Eccles Theatre        PkCty

8:30A      1/20     MARC                        PkCty

3:00P      1/21      Screening Rm         Sundnc

6:30P      1/22     Rose Wagner Ctr     SLC

5:30P      1/24     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:00A      1/27     Eccles Theatre        PkCty

Keep the Lights On

U.S. (Director: Ira Sachs, Screen­writers: Ira Sachs, Mauricio Zacharias)

Keep the Lights On chronicles the emotionally and sexually charged journey through the love, addiction and friendship of two men. Documentary filmmaker Erik and closeted lawyer Paul meet through a casual encounter, but they find a deeper connection and become a couple. Individually and together, they are risk-takers — compulsive, and fueled by drugs and sex. In an almost decade-long relationship defined by highs, lows and dysfunctional patterns, Erik struggles to negotiate his own boundaries and dignity, and to be true to himself. Cast: Thure Lindhardt, Zachary Booth, Julianne Nicholson, Souleymane Sy Savane, Paprika Steen


8:30P           1/20     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

Midnight     1/21     Tower Theatre          SLC

11:30A        1/23      Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

12:15P         1/25      Eccles Theatre          PkCty

3:00P          1/26     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

9:00P         1/27     SLC Library                  SLC


U.S. (Director: Sheldon Candis, Screen­writers: Sheldon Candis, Justin Wilson)

An orphaned 11-year-old boy is forced to face the unpleasant truth about his beloved uncle during one harrowing day in the streets of Baltimore. Cast: Common, Michael Rainey Jr., Dennis Haysbert, Danny Glover, Charles S. Dutton


3:30P      1/23     Eccles Theatre             PkCty

5:30P      1/24     Prospector Sq              PkCty

8:30P      1/26     Library Ctr Thtr          PkCty

9:45P      1/27     Broadway Ctr 3            SLC

9:00A      1/28     Egyptian Theatre       PkCty

Middle Of Nowhere

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Ava DuVernay)

When her husband is incarcerated, an African-American woman struggles to maintain her marriage and her identity. Cast: Emayatzy Corinealdi, David Oyelowo, Omari Hardwick, Lorraine Touissant, Edwina Findley


2:30P      1/20     Library Ctr Thtr       PkCty

12:30P    1/21      Rose Wagner Ctr     SLC

8:30A      1/22     Prospector Sq          PkCty

12:00P    1/23     Screening Rm          Sundnc

3:30P      1/24     Eccles Theatre         PkCty

6:00P      1/27     Yarrow Hotel          PkCty

Nobody Walks

U.S. (Director: Ry Russo-Young, Screen­writers: Lena Dunham, Ry Russo-Young)

Martine, a 23-year-old artist from New York, arrives in Los Angeles to stay in the pool house of a family living in the hip and hilly community of Silver Lake. Peter, the father, has agreed to help Martine complete sound design on her art film as a favor to his wife. Martine innocently enters the seemingly idyllic life of this open-minded family with two kids and a relaxed Southern California vibe. Like a bolt of lightning, her arrival sparks a surge of energy that awakens suppressed impulses in everyone and forces them to confront their own fears and desires. Cast: John Krasinski, Olivia Thirlby, Rosemarie DeWitt, India Ennenga, Justin Kirk, Dylan McDermott


12:15P     1/22     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:30P      1/23     Redstone Cin 8          PkCty

6:30P      1/24     Rose Wagner Ctr       SLC

8:30P      1/25      MARC                           PkCty

6:00P      1/26     Screening Rm            Sundnc

2:30P      1/27     Library Ctr Thtr       PkCty

Safety Not Guaranteed

U.S. (Director: Colin Trevorrow, Screen­writer: Derek Connolly)

A trio of magazine employees investigate a classified ad seeking a partner for time travel. One employee develops feelings for the paranoid but compelling loner and seeks to discover what he’s really up to. Cast: Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson, Karen Soni


5:30P      1/22     Library Ctr Thtr       PkCty

8:30A      1/24     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

12:00P    1/26     Eccles Theatre         PkCty

6:30P      1/27     Rose Wagner Ctr     SLC

11:30A     1/28     MARC                        PkCty

Save the Date

U.S. (Director: Michael Mohan, Screen­writers: Jeffrey Brown, Egan Reich, Michael Mohan)

As her sister Beth prepares to get married, Sarah finds herself caught up in an intense post-breakup rebound. The two fumble through the redefined emotional landscape of modern day relationships, forced to relearn how to love and be loved. Cast: Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie, Martin Starr, Geoffrey Arend, Mark Webber


2:30P        1/22     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

11:30A     1/24     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:30P       1/25     Rose Wagner Ctr      SLC

12:15P     1/27     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

3:00P      1/28     Egyptian Theatre     PkCty

Simon Killer

France, U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Antonio Campos)

A recent college graduate goes to Paris after breaking up with his girlfriend of five years. Once there, he falls in love with a young prostitute and their fateful journey begins. Cast: Brady Corbet, Mati Diop, Constance Rousseau, Michael Abiteboul, Solo


3:30P      1/20     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

6:30P      1/21      Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

12:30P    1/22     Rose Wagner Ctr      SLC

9:00A      1/25     Egyptian Theatre    PkCty

8:30P      1/27     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty


U.S. (Director: James Ponsoldt, Screen­writers: Susan Burke, James Ponsoldt)

Kate and Charlie like to have a good time. Their marriage thrives on a shared fondness for music, laughter … and getting smashed. When Kate’s partying spirals into hard-core asocial behavior, compromising her job as an elementary schoolteacher, something’s got to give. But change isn’t exactly a cakewalk. Sobriety means she will have to confront the lies she’s been spinning at work, her troubling relationship with her mother, and the nature of her bond with Charlie. Cast: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aaron Paul, Octavia Spencer, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally


8:30P      1/22     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:30P      1/23     Rose Wagner Ctr      SLC

8:30A      1/24     Egyptian Theatre    PkCty

11:30A     1/25    Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

3:30P      1/27     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

The Surrogate

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Ben Lewin)

Mark O’Brien, a 36-year-old poet and journalist with an iron lung, decides he no longer wishes to be a virgin. With the help of his therapist and the guidance of his priest, he contacts a professional sex surrogate to take him on a journey to manhood. Cast: John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, William H. Macy


12:15P     1/23     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

8:30A      1/24     Prospector Sq           PkCty

5:15P       1/26     MARC                           PkCty

6:00P      1/27     Tower Theatre          SLC

2:30P      1/28     Library Ctr Thtr       PkCty


A showcase of some of the most highly anticipated dramatic films of the coming year from new and established directors.

2 Days in New York

France (Director: Julie Delpy, Screen­writers: Julie Delpy, Alexia Landeau)

Marion has broken up with Jack and now lives in New York with their child. A visit from her family, the different cultural background of her new boyfriend, her sister’s ex-boyfriend, and her upcoming photo exhibition make for an explosive mix. Cast: Julie Delpy, Chris Rock, Albert Delpy, Alexia Landeau, Alex Nahon


Time        Date        Venue                          City

6:30P      1/23       Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:00A      1/24      Eccles Theatre          PkCty

6:30P      1/25       Peery Egyptian         Ogden

12:15P     1/28      Eccles Theatre           PkCty

9:00P      1/28      Tower Theatre           SLC


U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Nicholas Jarecki)

A hedge-fund magnate is in over his head, desperately trying to complete the sale of his trading empire before the depths of his fraud are revealed. An unexpected, bloody error forces him to turn to the most unlikely corner for help. Cast: Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Tim Roth, Brit Marling, Nate Parker


6:30P      1/21      Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:00A      1/22     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

6:30P      1/23     Peery Egyptian          Ogden

Noon      1/28     Rose Wagner Ctr        SLC

8:30P      1/28     MARC                           PkCty


U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Leslye Headland)

Unresolved issues between four high school friends come roaring back to life when the least popular of them gets engaged to one of the most eligible bachelors in New York City and asks the others to be bridesmaids in her wedding. Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, James Marsden, Adam Scott, Kyle Bornheimer


9:45P      1/23     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

8:30A      1/24     MARC                          PkCty

6:30P      1/26     Peery Egyptian        Ogden

5:30P      1/28     Library Ctr Thtr       PkCty

California Solo

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Marshall Lewy)

A former Britpop rocker has long settled for an unfettered life working on a farm outside of L.A. When he’s caught driving drunk and faces deportation, he must confront past and current demons in his life to stay in the country. Cast: Robert Carlyle, Alexia Rasmussen, Kathleen Wilhoite, A Martinez, Danny Masterson


9:45P        1/25      Eccles Theatre          PkCty

8:30A       1/26     MARC                            PkCty

9:30P       1/28     Rose Wagner Ctr        SLC

10:00A    1/29     Screening R m           Sundnc

 Celeste and Jesse Forever

U.S. (Director: Lee Toland Krieger, Screen­writers: Rashida Jones, Will McCormack)

Celeste and Jesse met in high school, married young, and at 30, decide to get divorced but remain best friends while pursuing other relationships. Cast: Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Ari Graynor, Chris Messina, Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts


6:30P      1/20     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:00A      1/21      Eccles Theatre         PkCty

6:30P      1/21      Rose Wagner Ctr      SLC

6:30P      1/28     Eccles Theatre           PkCty

For A Good Time, Call…

U.S. (Director: Jamie Travis, Screen­writers: Katie Anne Naylon & Lauren Anne Miller)

College ‟frenemies” Lauren and Katie move in together after losing a relationship and rent control, respectively. Sharing Katie’s late grandmother’s apartment in New York City, the girls bicker with each other until one fateful night, when Katie’s noisy bedroom activities make Lauren barge in and discover a dirty little secret. This revelation brings them closer together, and Lauren (the brains) and Katie (the talent) concoct a wildly successful business venture. As profits swell, the girls reevaluate their hopes and dreams and realize that just because someone pees in your hair in college doesn’t mean she won’t be your best friend 10 years later. Cast: Ari Graynor, Lauren Anne Miller, Justin Long, Mark Webber, James Wolk


9:45P           1/22     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

8:30A          1/23     Library Ctr Thtr       PkCty

Midnight    1/28     Broadway Ctr 6         SLC

6:30P          1/29     Rose Wagner Ctr       SLC


U.S. (Director: Christopher Neil, Screen­writer: Mark Jude Poirier)

Having a self-absorbed New Age mother and an estranged father means 15-year-old Ellis Whitman has grown up relying on an unconventional guardian: a goat-trekking, marijuana-growing sage called Goat Man. So when Ellis decides to leave the alternative ways of his desert homestead for a stuffy East Coast prep school, major changes are in store. But not in the way you’d think. Though often stoned, the exceedingly smart and capable Ellis effortlessly aces school and excels at track. As the year progresses, it’s his relationships with the adults in his life that test him, challenging his beliefs about responsibility and trustworthiness. Cast: David Duchovny, Vera Farmiga, Graham Phillips, Justin Kirk, Ty Burrell


9:45P       1/24     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:00A      1/25      Eccles Theatre         PkCty

6:30P       1/26     Rose Wagner Ctr      SLC

9:30P       1/28     Yarrow Hotel           PkCty

Lay the Favorite

U.S. (Director: Stephen Frears, Screen­writer: D.V. Devincintis)

An adventurous young woman gets involved with a group of geeky older men who have found a way to work the sportsbook system in Las Vegas to their advantage. Cast: Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rebecca Hall


9:45P       1/21      Eccles Theatre          PkCty

8:30A      1/22     MARC                           PkCty

6:30P      1/23     Rose Wagner Ctr       SLC

3:30P      1/28     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

1:00P      1/29     Screening Rm           Sundnc

Liberal Arts

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Josh Radnor)

When 30-something Jesse is invited back to his alma mater, he falls for a 19-year-old college student and is faced with the powerful attraction that springs up between them. Cast: Josh Radnor, Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Jenkins, Allison Janney, John Magaro, Elizabeth Reaser


3:15P       1/22     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:00A      1/23     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:30P      1/27     Peery Egyptian         Ogden

9:00P      1/28     Broadway Ctr 6         SLC

Price Check

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Michael Walker)

Pete is a good guy who used to be cool. Once living his dream in the music industry, he now toils away in the pricing department of a failing supermarket chain to provide for his loving wife and young son. When Pete’s new boss, Susan, takes over the department, her high-energy enthusiasm and unconventional ideas start to shake things up. She aims to reinvent the company while grooming Pete for the executive fast track. Making more money now than he ever hoped to in the music industry, Pete begins to wonder if this new career is just what he needs to become the man he’s always wanted to be. Cast: Parker Posey, Eric Mabius, Annie Parisse, Josh Pais, Cheyenne Jackson


6:30P      1/25      Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:00A      1/26     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

8:30A      1/28     MARC                           PkCty

9:00P      1/28     SLC Library                SLC

Red Hook Summer

U.S. (Director: Spike Lee, Screen­writers: James McBride, Spike Lee)

A young Atlanta boy spends his summer in Brooklyn with his grandfather, who he’s never seen before. Cast: Clark Peters, Jules Brown, Toni Lysaith, James Ransone, Thomas Jefferson Byrd


6:15P       1/22     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

8:30A      1/23     MARC                          PkCty

9:00P      1/24     Screening Rm           Sundnc

3:00P      1/28     Rose Wagner Ctr     SLC

Red Lights

U.S., Spain (Director, Screen­writer: Rodrigo Cortés)

Two investigators of paranormal hoaxes, the veteran Dr. Margaret Matheson and her young assistant, Tom Buckley, study the most varied metaphysical phenomena with the aim of proving their fraudulent origins. Simon Silver, a legendary blind psychic, reappears after an enigmatic absence of 30 years to become the greatest international challenge to both orthodox science and professional sceptics. Tom starts to develop an intense obsession with Silver, whose magnetism becomes stronger with each new manifestation of inexplicable events. As Tom gets closer to Silver, tension mounts, and his worldview is threatened to its core. Cast: Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro, Elizabeth Olsen, Toby Jones


9:45P      1/20     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

8:30A      1/21      MARC                         PkCty

9:30P      1/21      Rose Wagner Ctr     SLC

6:30P      1/24     Peery Egyptian        Ogden

6:30P      1/25      Redstone Cin 8        PkCty

5:15P       1/28     MARC                          PkCty

Robot and Frank

U.S. (Director: Jake Schreier, Screen­writer: Christopher Ford)

A curmudgeonly older dad’s grown kids install a robot as his caretaker. Cast: Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon, James Marsden, Liv Tyler


6:30P      1/20     Rose Wagner Ctr      SLC

9:30P      1/20     Rose Wagner Ctr      SLC

3:30P      1/21      Eccles Theatre          PkCty

8:30A      1/22     Library Ctr Thtr       PkCty

10:00P    1/26     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

6:30P      1/27     Peery Egyptian         Ogden

6:00P      1/28     Egyptian Theatre     PkCty

3:30P      1/29     Rose Wagner Ctr       SLC

Shadow Dancer

United Kingdom (Director: James Marsh, Screen­writer: Tom Brady)

When a widowed mother is arrested in an aborted bomb plot she must make hard choices to protect her son in this heart-wrenching thriller. Cast: Andrea Riseborough, Aiden Gillen, Domhnall Gleeson, with Gillian Anderson and Clive Owen


6:30P      1/24     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

8:30A      1/25      MARC                          PkCty

9:30P      1/26     Rose Wagner Ctr       SLC

7:00P      1/28     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

The Words

U.S. (Directors and Screen­writers: Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal)

Aspiring writer Rory Jansen finds another man’s haunting memories in a collection of lost stories and claims them as his own, propelling him to literary stardom. Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Irons, Dennis Quaid, Olivia Wilde with Zoe Saldana


6:30P      1/27     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:00A      1/28     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

9:30P      1/28     Peery Egyptian         Ogden

12:30P    1/29     Rose Wagner Ctr      SLC



Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

U.S., China (Director: Alison Klayman)

Renowned Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has garnered international attention as much for his ambitious artwork as his political provocations and increasingly public clashes with the Chinese government.


11:30A     1/22     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

5:30P       1/24     MARC                           PkCty

6:00P      1/25      SLC Library               SLC

Noon       1/26     Temple Theatre        PkCty

Noon      1/27     Screening Rm            Sundnc

9:00A      1/28     Yarrow Hotel          PkCty

The Atomic States of America

U.S. (Directors: Don Argott, Sheena M. Joyce)

In 2010, the United States announced construction of the first new nuclear power plant in more than 32 years. A year later, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Fukushima Power Plant in Japan sparking a fierce debate in the U.S. over the safety and viability of nuclear power.


9:00P      1/23     Temple Theatre         PkCty

2:30P      1/24     Library Ctr Thtr        PkCty

3:30P      1/26     Redstone Cin 8          PkCty

6:45P      1/27     Broadway Ctr 3         SLC

8:30A      1/28     Prospector Sq          PkCty

Chasing Ice

U.S. (Director: Jeff Orlowski)

Science, spectacle and human passion mix in this stunningly cinematic portrait as National Geographic photographer James Balog captures time-lapse photography of glaciers over several years providing tangible visual evidence of climate change.


8:30P        1/23     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

11:15A      1/24     MARC                          PkCty

9:00P       1/25      SLC Library              SLC

9:00A      1/27     Temple Theatre       PkCty

3:15P       1/28     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty


U.S. (Directors: Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady)

The woes of Detroit are emblematic of the collapse of the U.S. manufacturing base. This is the dramatic story of a city and its people who refuse to leave the building, even as the flames are rising.


Noon       1/21      Temple Theatre         PkCty

5:15P       1/22     MARC                             PkCty

9:00P      1/23     Screening Rm             Sundnc

8:30A      1/25      Library Ctr Thtr       PkCty

3:30P      1/27     Redstone Cin 8          PkCty

Noon      1/28     SLC Library                 SLC

Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

U.S. (Directors: Matthew Heineman, Susan Froemke)

What can be done to save our broken medical system? Powerful forces are trying to maintain the status quo in a profit-driven medical industry, but a movement to bring innovative methods of prevention and healing is finally gaining ground — potentially saving the health of a nation.


11:30A     1/20     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

3:30P      1/21      Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

6:00P      1/22     SLC Library                SLC

2:30P      1/24     MARC                           PkCty

9:00P      1/27     Temple Theatre       PkCty

Finding North

U.S. (Directors: Lori Silverbush, Kristi Jacobson)

A crisis of hunger looms in America and is not limited to the poverty stricken and uneducated. Can a return to policies of the 1970s save our future?


6:00P      1/22     Temple Theatre         PkCty

9:00A      1/23     Temple Theatre        PkCty

6:30P      1/25      Rose Wagner Ctr      SLC

2:30P      1/26     MARC                            PkCty

8:30P      1/27     Prospector Sq           PkCty

12:45P     1/28     Broadway Ctr 3        SLC

The House I Live In

U.S. (Director: Eugene Jarecki)

For over 40 years, the War on Drugs has accounted for 45-million arrests, made America the world’s largest jailer and damaged poor communities at home and abroad. Yet, drugs are cheaper, purer and more available today than ever. Where did we go wrong and what is the path toward healing?


6:00P      1/21      Temple Theatre         PkCty

9:00A      1/22     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

6:45P      1/23     Broadway Ctr 3          SLC

2:15P       1/26     Library Ctr Thtr        PkCty

Noon      1/28     Egyptian Theatre       PkCty

How to Survive a Plague

U.S.A. (Director: David France)

Faced with their own mortality, an improbable group of mostly HIV-positive young men and women broke the mold as radical warriors taking on Washington and the medical establishment. How to Survive a Plague is the story of two coalitions — ACT UP and TAG (Treatment Action Group) — whose activism and innovation turned AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable condition. Despite having no scientific training, these self-made activists infiltrated the pharmaceutical industry and helped identify promising new drugs, moving them from experimental trials to patients in record time. With unfettered access to a treasure trove of never-before-seen archival footage from the 1980s and ’90s, filmmaker David France puts the viewer smack in the middle of the controversial actions, the heated meetings, the heartbreaking failures, and the exultant breakthroughs of heroes in the making.


3:00P       1/22     Temple Theatre         PkCty

11:15A      1/24     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

Noon        1/25      Screening Rm            Sundnc

8:00P      1/26     MARC                             PkCty

12:30P    1/27     Redstone Cin 8          PkCty

3:45P      1/28     Broadway Ctr 3         SLC

The Invisible War

U.S. (Director: Kirby Dick)

Casualties of war rage beyond the battlefield. As ranks of women in the American military swell, so do incidents of rape. An estimated 30 percent of servicewomen and at least 1 percent of servicemen are sexually assaulted during their enlistment. And not by the enemy, but at the hands of fellow soldiers. With stark clarity and escalating revelations, The Invisible War exposes a rape epidemic in the armed forces, investigating the institutions that perpetuate it as well as its profound personal and social consequences.


3:00P       1/20     Temple Theatre         PkCty

9:00P       1/21      SLC Library                SLC

11:30A     1/22     MARC                            PkCty

3:30P       1/25      Redstone Cin 8          PkCty

11:30A     1/28     Library Ctr Thtr        PkCty

Marina Abramovic´ The Artist is Present

U.S. (Director: Matthew Akers)

Marina Abramovic´ prepares for a major retrospective of her work at The Museum of Modern Art in New York hoping to finally silence four decades of skeptics who proclaim: ‘But why is this art?’


9:00P      1/20     Temple Theatre         PkCty

9:00A      1/21     Temple Theatre         PkCty

Noon      1/22     Screening Rm              Sundnc

3:45P      1/23     Broadway Ctr 3          SLC

8:30P      1/25      Library Ctr Thtr       PkCty

9:30P      1/26     Redstone Cin 8          PkCty

ME at the ZOO

U.S. (Directors: Chris Moukarbel, Valerie Veatch)

ME at the ZOO tells the fascinating modern tale of Chris Crocker, a video blogger from a small town in Tennessee. Part of the first generation that came of age under constant self-surveillance, he was raised on the Internet, and his online videos — including his infamous YouTube declaration “Leave Britney Alone!” — have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. The film weaves a tapestry of Web comments and response videos with reactions from Crocker fans and haters to map the controversial rise of an Internet folk hero.


9:00P       1/21      Temple Theatre         PkCty

6:00P       1/22     Screening Rm              Sundnc

11:45A     1/23     MARC                            PkCty

3:00P       1/25      Broadway Ctr 6        SLC

7:00P      1/26     Redstone Cin 7          PkCty

2:30P      1/28     Prospector Sq            PkCty

The Other Dream Team

Lithuania, U.S. (Director: Marius Markevicius)

The 1992 Lithuanian National Basketball Team went from the clutches of Communism to the Summer Olympics in Barcelona — a testament to the powerful role of sports as a catalyst for cultural identity.


3:00P       1/21      Temple Theatre         PkCty

6:30P       1/22     Redstone Cin 8            PkCty

11:30A     1/25      MARC                            PkCty

9:00P       1/27     Tower Theatre            SLC

3:00P       1/28     Temple Theatre          PkCty

The Queen of Versailles

U.S. (Director: Lauren Greenfield)

Jackie and David were triumphantly constructing the biggest house in America — a sprawling, 90,000-square-foot palace inspired by Versailles — when their timeshare empire falters due to the economic crisis. Their rags-to-riches-to-rags story reveals the innate virtues and flaws of the American Dream.


6:00P      1/19      Eccles Theatre           PkCty

9:00A      1/20     Temple Theatre         PkCty

3:30P      1/21      Rose Wagner Ctr       SLC

Noon      1/24     Yarrow Hotel              PkCty

8:30P      1/27     MARC                            PkCty

3:00P      1/28     Screening Rm            Sundnc

 Slavery By Another Name

U.S. (Director: Sam Pollard)

As slavery came to an end with Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, a new system of involuntary servitude took its place with shocking force, brutalizing, terrorizing and ultimately circumscribing the lives of hundreds of thousands of African-Americans well into the 20th century.


Noon      1/23     Temple Theatre         PkCty

9:00A      1/24     Yarrow Hotel           PkCty

9:00P      1/26     Yarrow Hotel            PkCty

3:45P      1/27     Broadway Ctr 3         SLC

Noon      1/28     Temple Theatre         PkCty

Love Free or Die: How the Bishop of New Hampshire is Changing the World

U.S. (Director: Macky Alston)

In June 2003, the Episcopal Church in New Hampshire came under fire when it became the first to elect an openly gay man, Gene Robinson, as a bishop. Since that flash point, Robinson has been at the center of the contentious battle for LGBT people to receive full acceptance in the faith.


6:00P       1/23     Temple Theatre         PkCty

8:30P        1/24     Prospector Sq           PkCty

3:45P        1/25      Broadway Ctr 3        SLC

11:30A     1/26     Prospector Sq           PkCty

2:30P       1/28     MARC                           PkCty

We’re Not Broke

U.S. (Directors: Karin Hayes, Victoria Bruce)

As American lawmakers slash budgets and lay off employees, leaving many people scrambling to survive, multi-billion-dollar corporations are concealing colossal profits overseas to avoid paying U.S. income tax. Fed-up Americans are taking their frustration to the streets.


9:00P      1/22     Temple Theatre         PkCty

4:00P      1/24     Redstone Cin 7          PkCty

6:45P      1/25      Broadway Ctr 3         SLC

11:30A     1/26     MARC                          PkCty

3:00P      1/27     Screening Rm            Sundnc

9:00A      1/28     Temple Theatre        PkCty


Fourteen films from emerging filmmaking talents offer fresh perspectives and inventive styles.

 About the Pink Sky

Japan (Director, Screen­writer: Keiichi Kobayashi)

A high school girl finds a wallet full of money and tracks down its owner, leading to unexpected consequences for the girl and her friends. Cast: Ai Ikeda, Ena Koshino, Reiko Fujiwara, Tsubasa Takayama, Hakusyu Togetsuan


3:00P      1/20     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

9:00A     1/21      Yarrow Hotel             PkCty

3:00P      1/22     SLC Library                 SLC

1:00P      1/26     Redstone Cin 7           PkCty

10:00P    1/27     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty


Turkey (Director, Screen­writer: Rasit Celikezer)

A young married couple live happily in Istanbul, but their decision to illegally procure a child threatens their future together. Cast: Selen Ucer, Serdar Orcin, Berkan Demirbag, Erkan Avci


9:00P      1/23     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

3:00P      1/24     Broadway Ctr 6         SLC

3:00P      1/25      Yarrow Hotel            PkCty

7:00P      1/26     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty

Noon      1/28     Yarrow Hotel              PkCty

 Father’s Chair (A Cadeira do Pai)

Brazil (Director: Luciano Moura, Screen­writers: Elena Soarez, Luciano Moura)

Following the trail of his runaway teen son, Theo confronts his own identity as a son, a father and a man along the way. Cast: Wagner Moura, Lima Duarte, Mariana Lima


6:00P      1/20     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

4:00P      1/21      Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

6:00P      1/22     Broadway Ctr 6        SLC

5:30P      1/25      MARC                          PkCty

8:30A      1/27     Prospector Sq          PkCty

3:00P      1/28     Broadway Ctr 6        SLC

Four Suns

Czech Republic (Director, Screen­writer: Bohdan Sláma)

Immature Fogi attempts to straighten up and accept his responsibilities as a new husband and father, as well as role model to his troubled son from a previous relationship, but finds himself unable to change his nature, leaving him to watch haplessly as his family begins to crumble. Cast: Jaroslav Plesl, Aňa Geislerová, Karel Roden, Jiří Mádl, Klára Melíšková


6:00P      1/21      Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

12:30P    1/22     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

8:30A      1/26     Prospector Sq        PkCty

9:00P      1/26     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

4:00P      1/27     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty


Greece (Director: Babis Makridis, Screen-writers: Efthymis Filippou, Babis Makridis)

A man who lives in his car gets caught up in the undeclared war between motorcycle riders and car drivers. Cast: Aris Servetalis, Makis Papadimitriou, Lefteris Mathaios, Nota Tserniafski, Stavros Raptis


6:30P      1/23     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

9:00P      1/24     Temple Theatre         PkCty

6:00P      1/25      Broadway Ctr 6         SLC

9:15A       1/27     Holiday Vlg Cin 2     PkCty

6:00P      1/27     Screening Room      Sundnc

1:00P      1/28     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

 The Last Elvis (El Ultimo Elvis)

Argentina (Director: Armando Bo, Screen­writers: Nicolás Giacobone and Armando Bo)

A Buenos Aires Elvis impersonator who believes that he is the reincarnation of the King struggles to shake free from reality and live his musical dream. Cast: John McInerny, Griselda Siciliani, Margarita Lopez


8:30P      1/23     Prospector Sq        PkCty

8:30A      1/25      Prospector Sq        PkCty

3:45P      1/26     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

9:30P      1/27     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

4:00P      1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty

Madrid, 1987

Spain (Director, Screen­writer: David Trueba)

The balance of power and desire constantly shifts during the meeting of an older journalist and a young student, of two generations completely foreign to one another. Cast: José Sacristán, María Valverde, Ramon Fontserè


2:30P      1/20     Prospector Sq        PkCty

Noon      1/21      Screening Rm          Sundnc

9:00A      1/22     Temple Theatre         PkCty

6:00P      1/24     Tower Theatre          SLC

5:30P      1/27     Prospector Sq        PkCty

11:30A     1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 1     PkCty

 My Brother the Devil

United Kingdom (Director, Screen­writer: Sally El Hosaini)

Fourteen-year-old Mo is a lonely, sensitive boy whose hunger for the rant and banter of buddies makes him prone to tread dangerous territories. He idolizes his handsome older brother, Rashid, a charismatic, well-respected member of a local gang, whose drug dealing enables “Rash” to provide for his family. Aching to be seen as a tough guy himself, Mo takes a job that unlocks a fateful turn of events and forces the brothers to confront their inner demons. It turns out that hate is easy. It is love and understanding that take real courage. Cast: James Floyd, Saïd Taghmaoui, Fady Elsayed


8:30P      1/22     Prospector Sq        PkCty

9:45P      1/24     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

9:00A      1/25      Yarrow Hotel       PkCty

Noon      1/26     Screening Rm        Sundnc

2:30P      1/27     MARC                        PkCty

12:15P     1/28     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

Teddy Bear

Denmark (Director: Mads Matthiesen, Screen­writers: Mads Matthiesen, Martin Pieter Zandvliet)

Dennis, a painfully shy 38-year-old bodybuilder who lives with his mother, sets off to Thailand in search of love. Cast: Kim Kold, Elsebeth Steentoft, Lamaiporn Sangmanee Hougaard, David Winters, Allan Mogensen


2:30P      1/22     Prospector Sq        PkCty

10:00P    1/24     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

5:30P      1/26     Prospector Sq          PkCty

9:00A      1/27     Yarrow Hotel        PkCty

3:00P      1/28     Tower Theatre          SLC

Valley of Saints

India, U.S.A. (Director, Screen­writer: Musa Syeed)

Gulzar plans to run away from the war and poverty surrounding his village in Kashmir with his best friend, but a beautiful young woman researching the dying lake leads him to contemplate a different future. Cast: Gulzar Ahmad Bhat, Mohammed Afzal Sofi, Neelofar Hamid


6:00P      1/23     Yarrow Hotel           PkCty

Noon      1/25      Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

12:30P    1/26     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

9:45P      1/26     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

10:00A    1/27     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty

Violeta Went to Heaven (Violeta se Fue a Los Cielos)

Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain (Director: Andrés Wood, Screen­writers: Eliseo Altunaga, Rodrigo Bazaes, Guillermo Calderón, Andrés Wood)

A portrait of famed Chilean singer and folklorist Violeta Parra filled with her musical work, her memories, her loves and her hopes. Cast: Francisca Gavilán, Thomas Durand, Luis Machín, Gabriela Aguilera, Roberto Farías


9:00P      1/20     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

1:00P      1/21      Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

3:00P      1/22     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

5:30P      1/26     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

1:00P      1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty

 Wish You Were Here

Australia (Director: Kieran Darcy-Smith, Screen­writers: Felicity Price, Kieran Darcy-Smith)

Four friends embark on a carefree holiday, but only three return home. Who knows what happened on that fateful night? Cast: Joel Edgerton, Teresa Palmer, Felicity Price, Antony Starr. DAY ONE FILM


6:30P      1/19      Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:00A      1/20     Eccles Theatre          PkCty

6:00P      1/20     Tower Theatre          SLC

6:30P      1/21      Peery Egyptian         Ogden

5:30P      1/25      Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

4:00P      1/27     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty


France (Director, Screen­writer: Quentin Dupieux)

Dolph Springer wakes up one morning to realize he has lost the love of his life, his dog, Paul. During his quest to get Paul (and his life) back, Dolph radically changes the lives of others: a pizza-delivering nymphomaniac, a jogging-addict neighbor in search of completeness, an opportunistic French-Mexican gardener, and an off-kilter pet detective. In his journey to find Paul, Dolph may lose something even more vital — his mind. Cast: Jack Plotnick, Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena, Steve Little, William Fichtner


8:30P           1/21      Prospector Sq        PkCty

9:45P           1/22     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

Midnight     1/24     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

3:00P          1/26     Yarrow Hotel        PkCty

Noon          1/27     Yarrow Hotel         PkCty

Young & Wild

Chile (Director: Marialy Rivas, Screen­writers: Marialy Rivas, Camila Gutiérrez, Pedro Peirano)

Seventeen-year-old Daniela, raised in the bosom of a strict Evangelical family and recently unmasked as a fornicator by her shocked parents, struggles to find her own path to spiritual harmony. Cast: Alicia Rodríguez, Aline Kuppenheim, María Gracia Omegna, Felipe Pinto


12:15P     1/21      Prospector Sq        PkCty

6:45P      1/22     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

10:00P    1/23     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

8:30P      1/26     Prospector Sq        PkCty

Midnight     1/27     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty


Twelve documentaries by some of the most courageous and extraordinary filmmakers working today.

½ Revolution

Denmark (Directors: Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim)

In January 2011, two filmmakers captured the reality of the Egyptian revolution as it occurred out of view from the world’s media in the alleyways and streets away from the square — and in the process were arrested by the secret police.


9:00A      1/20     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

12:45P     1/21      Broadway Ctr 3       SLC

9:00P      1/21      Yarrow Hotel           PkCty

3:00P      1/22     Screening Rm           Sundnc

3:00P      1/25      Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

6:30P      1/27     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

5 Broken Cameras

Palestine, Israel, France (Directors: Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi)

A Palestinian journalist chronicles his village’s resistance to a separation barrier being erected on their land and in the process captures his young son’s lens on the world.


9:00P      1/23     Yarrow Hotel         PkCty

3:45P      1/24     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

Noon      1/25      Yarrow Hotel         PkCty

1:00P      1/26     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty

8:30A      1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 1     PkCty

The Ambassador

Denmark (Director: Mads Brügger)

What happens when a very white European man buys his way into being a diplomat in one of Central Africa’s most failed nations? Welcome to the bizarre and hidden world of African diplomacy, where gin and tonics flow and diamond hustlers and corrupt politicians run free.


9:00P      1/20     Screening Rm          Sundnc

5:30P      1/21      Prospector Sq          PkCty

6:00P      1/24     Temple Theatre         PkCty

9:00A      1/26     Yarrow Hotel            PkCty

1:00P      1/27     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

3:00P      1/28     SLC Library               SLC

Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

Sweden (Director: Fredrik Gertten)

The behind-the-scenes story of a full-scale attack on freedom of speech. When Dole set its sights on the WG Film production Bananas!* in May 2009, confusion was the method, aggression was the tactic and media control was the story.


8:30P      1/20     Prospector Sq        PkCty

9:45P      1/21      Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

1:00P      1/22     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

9:00A      1/26     Temple Theatre         PkCty

12:15P     1/27     Holiday Vlg Cin 2     PkCty

China Heavyweight

Canada, China (Director: Yung Chang)

In central China, where a coach recruits poor rural teenagers and turns them into Western-style boxing champions, the top students face dramatic choices as they graduate — should they fight for the collective good or for themselves? A metaphor for the choices everyone in the New China faces now.


6:00P      1/22     Yarrow Hotel         PkCty

6:00P      1/23     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

6:30P      1/24     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

9:00A      1/26     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

12:15P     1/27     Temple Theatre         PkCty

9:00P      1/27     Screening Rm            Sundnc

Gypsy Davy

Israel, U.S.A., Spain (Director: Rachel Leah Jones)

How does a white boy with Alabama roots become a Flamenco guitarist in Andalusian boots? A tale of self-invention and the pursuit of happiness, regardless of the cost to others.


3:00P      1/24     Yarrow Hotel              PkCty

9:00P      1/25      Temple Theatre         PkCty

10:00A    1/26     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty

3:00P      1/27     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

4:00P      1/28     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

 The Imposter

United Kingdom (Director: Bart Layton)

It’s 1994: a 13-year-old boy disappears from his home in San Antonio, Texas. Three and a half years later, he is found alive, thousands of miles away, in Spain. Disoriented and quivering with fear, he divulges his shocking story of kidnap and torture. His family is overjoyed to bring him home, but all is not what it seems. Sure, he has the same tattoos, but he looks decidedly different, and he now speaks with a strange accent. Why doesn’t the family seem to notice these glaring inconsistencies? It’s only when an investigator starts asking questions that this astounding true story takes an even stranger turn.


5:30P      1/23     Prospector Sq        PkCty

Noon      1/25      Temple Theatre         PkCty

9:00P      1/26     Tower Theatre          SLC

8:30A      1/27     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

3:15P       1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 2     PkCty

Indie Game: The Movie

Canada (Directors: Lisanne Pajot, James Swirsky)

Follow the dramatic journeys of indie game developers as they create games and release those works, and themselves, to the world.


3:00P      1/20     Yarrow Hotel            PkCty

12:30P    1/21      Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

Noon      1/22     SLC Library              SLC

11:30A     1/25      Prospector Sq        PkCty

12:15P     1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 2     PkCty

The Law in These Parts

Israel (Director: Ra’anan Alexandrowicz)

Israel’s 43-year military legal system in the Occupied Palestinian Territories unfolds through provocative interviews with the system’s architects and historical footage showing the enactment of these laws upon the Palestinian population.


3:00P      1/20     Screening R m        Sundnc

3:45P      1/21      Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

3:00P      1/22     Yarrow Hotel         PkCty

3:00P      1/24     Temple Theatre         PkCty

6:30P      1/26     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

7:00P      1/27     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty


Canada (Director: Jennifer Baichwal)

Based on Margaret Atwood’s best-selling book, Payback explores how debt is a central organizing principle in our lives — influencing relationships, societies, governing structures and the very fate of this planet.


6:00P      1/20     Yarrow Hotel          PkCty

Noon      1/22     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

3:30P      1/23     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

6:00P      1/25      Temple Theatre         PkCty

3:15P       1/27     Holiday Vlg Cin 2     PkCty

Putin’s Kiss

Denmark (Director: Lise Birk Pedersen)

Nineteen-year-old Marsha is a model spokesperson in a strongly nationalistic Russian youth movement that aims to protect the country from its enemies. When she starts recognizing the organization’s flaws, she must take a stand for or against it.


9:00P      1/20     SLC Library              SLC

6:00P      1/24     Yarrow Hotel         PkCty

2:30P      1/25      Prospector Sq        PkCty

3:00P      1/26     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

6:15P       1/27     Holiday Vlg Cin 2     PkCty

9:15A       1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 2     PkCty

Searching for Sugar Man

Denmark, United Kingdom (Director: Malik Bendjelloul)

Rodriguez was the greatest ’70s US rock icon who never was. Hailed as the greatest recording artist of his generation he disappeared into oblivion — rising again from the ashes in a completely different context many miles away. DAY ONE FILM


9:30P      1/19      Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:00A      1/20     Yarrow Hotel          PkCty

6:00P      1/20     SLC Library              SLC

6:30P      1/22     Peery Egyptian         Ogden

1:00P      1/25      Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

3:00P      1/27     Temple Theatre         PkCty


Regardless of where these films have played throughout the world, the Spotlight program is a tribute to the cinema we love.

 Corpo Celeste

Italy (Director, Screen­writer: Alice Rohrwacher)

After moving back to southern Italy with her mother and older sister, 13-year-old Marta struggles to find her place, restlessly testing the boundaries of an unfamiliar city and the catechism of the Catholic church. Cast: Yle Vianello, Salvatore Cantalupo, Anita Caprioli, Renato Carpentiere


9:00P      1/22     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

Noon      1/23     Yarrow Hotel          PkCty

6:00P      1/25      Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

5:30P      1/28     Prospector Sq        PkCty

Declaration Of War

Belgium (Director: Valérie Donzelli, Screen­writers: Jérémie Elkaïm, Valérie Donzelli)

A young couple embark upon a painful, enlightening journey when they discover that their newborn child is very ill. Cast: Valérie Donzelli, Jérémie Elkaïm, César Desseix


8:30A      1/20     Prospector Sq        PkCty

6:45P      1/20     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

11:30A     1/21      Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

9:00P      1/28     Screening Rm            Sundnc


Russia (Director: Andrei Zvyagintsev, Screen­writer: Oleg Negin)

A meditative, modern-noir tale about an older woman, Elena, who marries the wealthy business man for whom she worked and, when his health fails, is forced to deal with his estranged daughter who threatens her inheritance. Cast: Andrey Smirnov, Nadezhda Markina, Elena Lyadova, Alexey Rozin


6:45P      1/21      Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

5:30P      1/22     Prospector Sq        PkCty

3:30P      1/24     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

9:00P      1/27     Yarrow Hotel          PkCty

10:00P    1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty

Monsieur Lazhar

Canada (Director, Screen­writer: Philippe Falardeau)

During a harsh Montréal winter, an elementary-school class is left reeling after its teacher commits suicide. Bachir Lazhar, a charismatic Algerian immigrant, steps in as the substitute teacher for the classroom of traumatized children. All the while, he must keep his personal life tucked away: the fact that he is seeking political refuge in Québec — and that he, like the children, has suffered an appalling loss. Cast: Fellag, Sophie Nélisse, Émilien Néron, Danielle Proulx, Brigitte Poupart


Noon      1/20     Screening Rm          Sundnc

11:30A     1/22     Prospector Sq        PkCty

3:00P      1/23     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

8:30P      1/24     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

7:00P      1/27     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

6:30P      1/28     Peery Egyptian         Ogden

 The Orator (O le Tulafale)

New Zealand (Director, Screen­writer: Tusi Tamasese)

A Samoan villager must defend his land and family when they are threatened by powerful adversaries. Cast: Fa’afiaula Sagote, Tausili Pushparaj, Salamasina Mataia, Ioata Tanielu


Noon      1/20     Temple Theatre         PkCty

9:00P      1/20     Tower Theatre          SLC

3:45P      1/22     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

6:30P      1/23     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

9:15P       1/27     Holiday Vlg Cin 2     PkCty

6:00P      1/28     Tower Theatre          SLC

The Raid

Indonesia (Director, Screen­writer: Gareth Evans)

All hell breaks loose when an elite SWAT team, given orders to raid a run-down Jakarta apartment building that houses the city’s most notorious crime boss, is forced to fight their way to freedom or die trying. Cast: Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, Joe Taslim, Doni Alamsyah


11:15A      1/20     MARC                        PkCty

9:45P      1/20     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

11:30P     1/22     Prospector Sq        PkCty

4:00P      1/26     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

Midnight     1/27     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

 Where Do We Go Now?

France, Lebanon, Italy, Egypt (Director: Nadine Labaki, Screen­writers: Nadine Labaki, Jihad Hojeily, Rodney Al Haddad, with the collaboration of Thomas Bidegain)

A group of Lebanese women try to ease religious tensions between Christians and Muslims in their village. Cast: Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Layla Hakim, Nadine Labaki, Yvonne Maalouf, Antoinette Noufaily


2:45P      1/21      Prospector Sq        PkCty

12:45P     1/22     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

9:45P      1/25      Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

11:30P     1/28     Prospector Sq        PkCty

 Wuthering Heights

United Kingdom (Director: Andrea Arnold, Screen­writers: Andrea Arnold, Olivia Hetreed)

A freshly conceived retelling of Emily Bronte’s classic novel about Heathcliff and Cathy, two teenagers whose passionate love for each other creates a storm of vengeance. Cast: Kaya Scodelario, James Howson, Solomon Glave, Shannon Beer, Steve Evets


11:30A     1/21      MARC                        PkCty

10:00P    1/21      Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

3:00P      1/22     Peery Egyptian         Ogden

11:30A     1/27     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

6:45P      1/28     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

Your Sister’s Sister

U.S.A. (Director, Screen­writer: Lynn Shelton)

While still mourning the recent death of his brother, a bereft and confused man finds love and direction in a most unexpected place. Cast: Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Duplass


8:30A      1/20     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

8:30P      1/20     MARC                        PkCty

9:30P      1/21      Peery Egyptian         Ogden

9:00P      1/23     SLC Library              SLC

7:00P      1/24     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

8:30P      1/28     Prospector Sq        PkCty



From horror flicks to comedies to works that defy any genre, these unruly films will keep you edge-seated and wide awake. Each is a world premiere.

 Black Rock

U.S. (Director: Katie Aselton, Screen­writer: Mark Duplass)

Three childhood friends set aside their personal issues and reunite for a girls’ weekend on a remote island off the coast of Maine. One wrong move turns their weekend getaway into a deadly fight for survival. Cast: Katie Aselton, Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth


11:45P     1/21      Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:00P      1/22     Tower Theatre          SLC

9:00A      1/24     Temple Theatre         PkCty

Midnight     1/25      Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

6:00P      1/26     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

6:00P      1/28     SLC Library              SLC


U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Richard Bates, Jr.)

Pauline isn’t your typical teen. She picks scabs, dissects road kill, and fantasizes about performing surgery on strangers. Her fascinations disturb her parents and her classmates. Pauline reserves special disdain for “the church” and her “therapist,” Reverend William, who, in Pauline’s mind, is in no position to judge, or indulge in, her psychosexual fantasies. No one understands Pauline except for Grace, her younger sister, who suffers from cystic fibrosis. An outcast at school and at home, Pauline decides she is ready to lose her virginity … and this is when the weirdness really begins. Cast: AnnaLynne McCord, Traci Lords, Ariel Winter, Roger Bart, John Waters


Midnight     1/21      Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

11:45P     1/25      Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

Midnight     1/27     Tower Theatre          SLC

Midnight     1/28     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty


Ireland, United Kingdom (Director: Jon Wright, Screen­writer: Kevin Lehane)

Something sinister has come to the shores of Erin Island, unbeknownst to the quaint population of this sleepy fishing village resting somewhere off Ireland’s coast. First, some fishermen go missing. Then there is the rash of whale carcasses suddenly washing up on the beach. When the murders start, it’s up to two mismatched cops — an irresponsible alcoholic and his new partner, a by-the-book woman from the mainland — to protect the townsfolk from the giant, bloodsucking, tentacled aliens that prey upon them. Their only weapon, they discover, is booze. If they want to survive the creatures’ onslaught, everyone will have to get very, very drunk! Cast: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey, Bronagh Gallagher


11:45P     1/23     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:45P      1/25      Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

Midnight     1/26     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

11:30P     1/27     Prospector Sq        PkCty

The Pact

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Nicholas McCarthy)

As a woman struggles to come to grips with her past in the wake of her mother’s death, an unsettling presence emerges in her childhood home. Cast: Caity Lotz, Casper Van Dien


Midnight     1/20     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

Midnight     1/21      Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

11:45P     1/24     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:00P      1/26     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

Midnight     1/28     Tower Theatre          SLC

Shut Up and Play the Hits

United Kingdom (Directors: Dylan Southern, Will Lovelace)

A documentary that follows LCD Soundsystem front man James Murphy over a crucial 48-hour period, from the day of their final gig at Madison Square Garden to the morning after, the official end of one of the best live bands in the world.


Midnight     1/22     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

9:45P      1/23     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

11:30P     1/25      Prospector Sq        PkCty

10:00P    1/27     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

9:45P      1/28     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

U.S (Directors and Screen­writers: Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim)

After two guys are given a billion dollars to make a movie, their Hollywood dreams run off course and they decide to rehabilitate a run-down shopping mall in an attempt to make the money back. Cast: Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim


11:45P     1/20     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

6:00P      1/21      Tower Theatre          SLC

6:00P      1/24     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

11:45P     1/27     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

6:00P      1/28     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC


U.S. (Directors: Adam Wingard, David Bruckner, Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg, Radio Silence, Screen­writers: Simon Barrett, David Bruckner, Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence)

When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for. Cast: Joe Swanberg, Calvin Reeder, Adam Wingard, Sophia Takal, Kate Lyn Sheil


11:45P     1/22     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

6:00P      1/23     Tower Theatre          SLC

11:30P     1/24     Prospector Sq        PkCty

11:45P     1/28     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty


Next <=>

NEXT <=> encompasses a selection of pure, bold works by promising filmmakers distinguished by an innovative, forward-thinking approach to storytelling. Presented by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Each is a world premiere.


U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Craig Zobel)

When a prank caller convinces a fast-food restaurant manager to interrogate an innocent young employee, no one is left unscathed. Based on true events. Cast: Ann Dowd, Pat Healy, Dreama Walker, Bill Camp, Philip Ettinger


11:30A     1/21      Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:00P      1/21      Tower Theatre          SLC

11:30P     1/23     Prospector Sq        PkCty

6:00P      1/25      Screening Rm        Sundnc

Noon      1/26     Yarrow Hotel          PkCty

 I Am Not A Hipster

U.S (Director, Screen­writer: Destin Daniel Cretton)

Set in the indie music and art scene, this is a character-driven story exploring themes of love, loss and what it means to be creative in the face of tragedy. Cast: Dominic Bogart, Alvaro Orlando, Brad William Henke, Tammy Minoff, Kandis Erickson, Lauren Coleman


11:30A     1/20     Prospector Sq        PkCty

2:30P      1/21      SLC Library              SLC

10:00P    1/22     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

6:00P      1/26     Yarrow Hotel          PkCty


U.S.A. (Director, Screen­writer: David Zellner)

A rebellious girl whose existence is devoid of parental guidance, spends her time roaming the land, shoplifting and vandalizing. Her routine is broken one day while playing in the woods when she hears a woman calling from a mysterious hole in the ground, asking for help. Cast: Sydney Aguirre, Susan Tyrrell, Nathan Zellner, David Zellner


2:30P      1/23     Prospector Sq        PkCty

9:00P      1/24     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

3:00P      1/26     Screening Rm            Sundnc

9:00P      1/27     Broadway Ctr 6        SLC

10:00A    1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 4     PkCty

Mosquita y Mari

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Aurora Guerrero)

With this auspicious feature film debut, Aurora Guerrero explores the complexities of a budding friendship between two Chicana high schoolers in Los Angeles’s Huntington Park. Yolanda is stellar in her studies and makes her parents proud, while Mari has just moved to town with her undocumented family. On her first day of school, Mari is assigned to be Yolanda’s study partner. After a rocky start, the two find a bond that confuses them at times. Guerrero’s steady direction allows more intimate understanding of the girls’ aspirations and their families’ expectations. Cast: Fenessa Pineda, Venecia Troncoso, Joaquín Garrido, Laura Patalano, Dulce Maria Solis


9:00P      1/22     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

6:00P      1/23     Screening Rm             Sundnc

1:00P      1/24     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

3:00P      1/27     Yarrow Hotel           PkCty

Noon      1/28     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

My Best Day

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Erin Greenwell)

Karen can’t believe that she has to work her receptionist gig on a gorgeous Fourth of July. Then a call comes from her long-lost father and sets in motion a crazy chain of events that will change one small town forever. Meanwhile, Megan must decide between the stability of her longtime girlfriend and the thrill of a new love. Young Ray fends off bullies and organized sports to woo the girl he likes. In a little burg like this, you’d better believe everything is connected, which means that pretty soon everyone is mixed up in each other’s business. Cast: Rachel Style, Ashlie Atkinson, Raúl Castillo, Jo Armeniox, Robert Salerno, Harris Doran


6:00P      1/21      Yarrow Hotel           PkCty

7:00P      1/23     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

9:00P      1/25      Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

2:30P      1/27     Prospector Sq        PkCty

Pursuit of Loneliness

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Laurence Thrush)

An elderly patient dies in a county hospital leaving no known next of kin. Over the next 24 hours, four central characters try to find a family member to contact regarding the death of this anonymous individual. Cast: Joy Hille, Sandra Escalante, Sharon Munfus, Kirsi Toivanen, Natalie Fouron


Noon      1/22     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

9:00P      1/23     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

10:00P    1/25      Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

6:45P      1/26     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

3:00P      1/28     Yarrow Hotel         PkCty

Sleepwalk With Me

U.S. (Co-directors: Mike Birbiglia and Seth Barrish, Screen­writers: Mike Birbiglia, Ira Glass, Joe Birbiglia, Seth Barrish)

“I’m going to tell you a story, and it’s true….I always have to tell people that.” So asserts comedian-turned-playwright-turned-filmmaker Mike Birbiglia directly to the viewer at the outset of his autobiographically inspired, fictional feature debut. Birbiglia wears his incisive wit on his sleeve while portraying a cinematic surrogate. We are thrust into the tale of a burgeoning stand-up comedian struggling with the stress of a stalled career, a stale relationship threatening to race out of his control, and the wild spurts of severe sleepwalking he is desperate to ignore. Cast: Mike Birbiglia, Lauren Ambrose, Carol Kane, James Rebhorn, Cristin Milioti


5:30P      1/23     Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

9:30P      1/24     Redstone Cin 8         PkCty

6:00P      1/26     Tower Theatre          SLC

11:30A     1/27     Prospector Sq        PkCty

That’s What She Said

U.S. (Director: Carrie Preston, Screen­writer: Kellie Overbey)

Longtime best friends Bebe and DeeDee are both wrestling with love. Bebe has met someone new and is in the exuberant phase of a budding romance. DeeDee is trying to move on from someone she can’t forget — mostly in destructive ways. As Bebe waits for the perpetually late DeeDee at their favorite coffee shop, she meets Clementine, a distraught young woman with love problems of her own. With Clementine in tow, Bebe and DeeDee soon embark on the kind of outrageous misadventure that only New York City can offer. Cast: Anne Heche, Marcia DeBonis, Alia Shawkat


5:30P      1/20     Prospector Sq        PkCty

Noon      1/21      SLC Library              SLC

11:30P     1/21      Prospector Sq        PkCty

2:30P      1/25      Library Ctr Thtr      PkCty

Twenty-Eight Hotel Rooms

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Matt Ross)

Seen only as fragments in the secret world of hotel rooms, a long-term affair becomes perhaps the most significant relationship of a couple’s lives. Cast: Chris Messina, Marin Ireland


3:00P      1/21      Yarrow Hotel          PkCty

9:00P      1/22     SLC Library              SLC

1:00P      1/23     Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

6:00P      1/27     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty



With media installations, multimedia performances, transmedia experiences, panels, film screenings and more, New Frontier highlights work that celebrates experimentation and the expansion of cinema culture through the convergence of film, art and new media technology. These films complement the previously announced installations and performances in the New Frontier venue at the Festival.


Canada, France (Director: Denis Côté)

The boundaries we place around animals are provocatively and formally explored in this meditation on the relationship between nature and humanity.


2:45P      1/22     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

6:45P      1/24     Broadway Ctr 3      SLC

3:00P      1/26     Temple Theatre         PkCty

5:30P      1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 1     PkCty

 An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Terence Nance)

A quixotic young man humorously courses live action and various animated landscapes as he tries to understand himself after a mystery girl stands him up. Cast: Terence Nance, Namik Minter, Chanelle Pearson


9:00P      1/21      Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

3:00P      1/23     Yarrow Hotel              PkCty

9:00P      1/24     SLC Library              SLC

2:30P      1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 1     PkCty

The Perception of Moving Targets

U.S. (Director, Screen­writer: Weston Currie)

A segmenting journey into the dreams of four neighbors. Cast: Brighid Thomas, Cherie Blackfeather, Gerald Casey, Tom Wood, Jin Camou


Noon      1/20     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

7:00P      1/21      Redstone Cin 7         PkCty

6:00P      1/24     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

6:00P      1/26     Temple Theatre         PkCty

8:30P      1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 1     PkCty

Room 237

U.S. (Director: Rodney Ascher)

This experimental documentary explores the numerous theories about the real meaning of Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining.


Noon      1/23     Egyptian Theatre      PkCty

9:00P      1/24     Broadway Ctr 6      SLC

11:30P     1/26     Prospector Sq        PkCty

9:15P       1/28     Holiday Vlg Cin 2     PkCty

whiteonwhite: algorithmicnoir

U.S., Kazakhstan (Directors: Eve Sussman | Rufus Corporation, Screen­writers: Eve Sussman, Kevin Messman, Jeff Wood)

A computer program assembles raw elements of music, dialogue, sound and footage shot in Kazakhstan into a generative noir mystery film in this live algorithmic performance. Cast: Jeff Wood, Marina Fedorenko


9:30P      1/22     Yarrow Hotel            PkCty

9:30P      1/24     Yarrow Hotel            PkCty

9:30P      1/25      Yarrow Hotel           PkCty



 ’92 Skybox Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card

(Director: Todd Sklar, Screen­writers: Todd Sklar, Alex Rennie)

Jim and Dave are brothers who haven’t spoken in years and don’t like each other very much, but are forced to come together for a week when their dad dies in Kansas City. A limited edition 1992 Skybox Series Alonzo Mourning rookie card is a point of contention.

The Arm

(Directors and Screen­writers: Brie Larson, Sarah Ramos, Jessie Ennis)

In an attempt to keep up with social pressure in a technologically advanced world, Chance starts a texting relationship with Genevieve, a girl he meets at a yogurt shop.

The Black Balloon

(Directors: Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie)

The Black Balloon strays from the herd and experiences what life as an individual is like. He explores New York City in the deepest way, seeing all of its characters.

Dol (First Birthday)

(Director, Screen­writer: Andrew Ahn)

A gay Korean American man yearns for a family life just out of reach.

 Famous Person Talent Agency: Pearls of Asia

(Director: Ivan Hurzeler, Screen­writer: Cami Delavigne)

Jackie Diamond is a luckless talent agent who never stops dreaming. He believes in his clients and he believes in show business. Jackie reaches for the stars from a shabby office in Queens — the Famous Person Talent Agency.

Fishing Without Nets

(Director: Cutter Hodierne, Screen­writers: Cutter Hodierne, John Hibey)

A story of pirates in Somalia, told from the perspective of the pirates themselves.

The Fort

(Director, Screen­writer: Andrew Renzi)

On a rainy day, a young boy builds a fort in the woods when a man appears and offers to help.

Fourplay: Tampa

(Director: Kyle Henry, Screen­writer: Carlos Trevino)

Louis loops into a local mall to grab lunch in the food court and a quickie in the public restroom. Paranoid about his own small package and clearly nervous about the situation, he scouts for possible partners, letting his imagination take over when reality proves thoroughly unsatisfying.


(Director, Screen­writer: Kat Candler)

Little 7-year-old Petey falls prey to his older brothers’ hellion ways.


(Director: Craig Macneill, Screen­writers: Craig Macneill, Clay McLeod Chapman)

Meet 9-year-old Ted Henley, budding motel manager and roadkill entrepreneur.


(Director, Screen­writer: Anna Musso)

Sunny is a self-regarding teenager fighting her way through an inner city blizzard, until she encounters someone who forces her to consider an altruistic, if not absurd, action.

Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke

(Director: Jillian Mayer, Screen­writer: Lucas Leyva)

A modern Miami adaptation of the 1962 French short film La Jetee, the film recounts Luke’s (Uncle Luke, legendary rapper from the hip-hop group 2 Live Crew) rise to fame as he changes the face of hip-hop and fights for first amendment rights, and later as he ushers Miami into a golden era of peace and prosperity as Mayor.

 OK Breathe Auralee

(Director, Screen­writer: Brooke Swaney)

Auralee wants a baby and will go to great lengths to get what she wants.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing

(Director, Screen­writer: Russell Harbaugh)

Two grown brothers return home for their widowed mother’s birthday, only to find themselves competing with a strange man for her affection.

Song of the Spindle

(Director, Screen­writer: Drew Christie)

An animated, humorous and informative conversation between a sperm whale and a man. Each one tries to convince the other that his brain is bigger.


(Director, Screen­writer: Jenée LaMarque)

Three sisters return to their childhood home after the death of their father in order to pack up the family house. To make matters worse, the oldest sister has been separated from her baby for the first time.

The Thing

(Director: Rhys Ernst, Screen­writers: Rhys Ernst, Avery McTaggart)

Zooey has spent weeks planning a road trip to a mysterious roadside attraction known as ‘The Thing’ in the hopes that she and Tristan will reconnect. Both Tristan, an FTM transman, and his fluffy cat Steven struggle to find places to comfortably pee, while Zooey learns the open road isn’t everything she hoped it would be.

Una Hora Por Favora

(Director, Screen­writer: Jill Soloway)

A woman hires a day laborer for an hour and gets more than she bargained for.




(Directors: Drea Cooper, Zackary Canepari)

The Aquadettes are a group of elderly synchronized swimmers from Leisure World, a retirement community nestled in Orange County, Calif. One of them, Margo Bauer, is fighting multiple sclerosis and using medical marijuana to ease her pain and to keep on swimming.

The Debutante Hunters

(Director: Maria White)

In the Lowcountry of South Carolina a group of true Southern belles reveal their more rugged side, providing a glimpse into what drives them to hunt in the wild.

Family Nightmare

(Director: Dustin Guy Defa)

A dizzy trip through the mid-1990s with a dysfunctional American family. Reliving a distracted child’s birthday party, an emotionless wedding, a Halloween in a garage and a Christmas marked with alcohol, drugs and perversion, the film is a crumpled letter from a filmmaker to his family: a shattered kaleidoscope of the destructive patterns that have trapped and wounded its members.

The Meaning of Robots

(Director: Matt Lenski)

The benevolent Mike Sullivan, age 65, has been shooting an epic stop-motion robot sex film in his apartment for the last 10 years. Obsessed with constructing the miniature robot porn stars, his apartment now overflows with thousands of them.

The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising

(Directors: Greg I. Hamilton, Kurt Miller)

In 2004 Rick Finkelstein was paralyzed in a ski accident on Aspen Mountain. With a severed spine and severe internal trauma, he wasn’t expected to live. Six years, nine surgeries, and a lifetime of rehab later, cameras captured his dramatic return to Aspen and skiing.

Odysseus’ Gambit

(Director: Àlex Lora Cercós)

A gambit is a chess opening in which a player sacrifices a pawn with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position. The protagonist is a Cambodian American guy looking for his place in the game.

Pluto Declaration

(Director: Travis Wilkerson)

Restore the classical definition of planet! Bring back planet Pluto! The solar system is 12!

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

(Director: Lucy Walker)

Survivors in the areas hardest hit by Japan’s recent tsunami find the courage to revive and rebuild as cherry blossom season begins. A visual haiku about the ephemeral nature of life and the healing power of Japan’s most beloved flower.




(Director, Screen­writer: Kataneh Vahdani)

A journey with many characters in one day through a city.

 Dr Breakfast

(Director, Screen­writer: Stephen Neary)

One day at breakfast, a man’s soul bursts out of his eyeball. A surreal meditation on the quirky but rejuvenating nature of friendship.

It’s Such a Beautiful Day

(Director, Screen­writer: Don Hertzfeldt)

Bill wakes to find himself in a hospital struggling with memory problems, in this third and final chapter to Don Hertzfeldt’s Everything WIll Be OK.

Night Hunter

(Director, Screen­writer: Stacey Steers)

In this handmade film, composed of more than 4,000 collages and shot in 35mm color, the actress Lillian Gish is seamlessly appropriated from silent-era cinema and plunged into a new and haunting role.

Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise

(Director, Screen­writer: Kelly Sears)

Terrifying and strange happenings descend on a 1970s high school.



Barbie Blues

Israel (Director, Screen­writer: Adi Kutner)

When Mika, a suburban teenager finds a disturbing creature in her swimming pool she asks her neighbor Gershon for help. What starts off as a friendly encounter between two neighbors turns into an unexpected lesson on the borders of control.


Australia (Director: Nash Edgerton, Screen-writers: Nash Edgerton, David Michôd)

Jack means well, but sometimes good intentions have horrible consequences.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

United Kingdom (Directors: Joseph Pelling, Rebecca Sloan)

A short film about teaching creativity by This Is It Collective.

Frozen Stories (Opowiesci z chlodni)

Poland (Director, Screen­writer: Grzegorz Jaroszuk)

Two worst employees of a supermarket have been ordered to find a goal in their lives.

Fungus (Svamp)

Sweden (Director, Screen­writer: Charlotta Miller)

Katrin decides to face her old boyfriend, who is back to collect some of his stuff.


Sweden (Director: Fijona Jonuzi, Screen­writer: Gustaf Boman Bränngård)

Hanna, 32, randomly finds a party consisting of of five 20-year-old boys. At first she feels uncomfortable, but after a little adjusting, she soon feels like she’s one of them.

The Hidden Smile (El somriure amagat)

Spain (Director: Ventura Durall, Screen­writers: Ventura Durall, Miguel Llansó)

Following a 10-year-old kid who arrives at the Ethiopian capital after escaping from his home and his misfortunes to integrate into a street children group, The Hidden Smile constructs a realistic tale on the values that flourish in a society formed by children.


Bolivia (Director: Kiro Russo, Screen­writers: Gilmar Gonzales, Kiro Russo)

The dark mass between the screen and the room can beat again like once the first darkness did. Deep in it a man moves. He has a lamp, and the light it makes forms the rocks that will end up taking over the screen. About 10,000 people enter daily into Posokoni, the largest tin mine in Bolivia.

Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys

Sweden (Director, Screen­writer: Jens Assu)

Nine scenes unfold in the grey area between black and white, where national politics and strategy have unforeseen consequences on a young teacher’s life.

Las Palmas

Sweden (Director, Screen­writer: Johannes Nyholm)

A middle-aged lady on a holiday in the sun tries to make new friends and have a good time.


France (Director, Screen­writer: Nieto)

Refusing to accept the decline of the USSR, a handful of Russian scientists work secretly to resurrect the Soviet power. Here are some new images of the mysterious program Lazarov.

Long Distance Information

United Kingdom (Director, Screen­writer: Douglas Hart)

Da always said not to talk to strangers … but you’ve got to phone home sometimes.


United Kingdom (Director, Screen­writer: Stephen Irwin)

A pyromaniac bear misses his mother.

Playtime (Spielzeit)

Germany (Director, Screen­writer: Lucas Mireles)

A seamless journey of German youth and innocence on a Sunday afternoon.

Random Strangers

United Kingdom (Director: Alexis Dos Santos, Screen­writers: Laurence Coriat, Alexis Dos Santos)

Rocky and Lulu live in opposite sides of the planet: they bump into each other in ChatRoulette and decide to stay in touch. Using video diaries, secret confessions, fictional representations of facts of their lives made with toys, dance performances and songs, they create a place where they can truly be themselves. But how real is their world?

The Return (Kthimi)

Kosovo (Director: Blerta Zeqiri, Screen­writer: Shefqet Gjocaj)

A man comes back from a Serb prison to his wife and son. Much has changed since he was declared missing and continuing where they left off four years ago may not be as easy as it seems.


Canada (Director, Screen­writer: Yan Giroux)

It’s another quiet summer day in Park Dufresne. The neighborhood youth loiter around the park until a new park monitor appears for his first day of work. Two universes clash and a territorial struggle begins.

Tooty’s Wedding

United Kingdom (Director: Frederic Casella, Screen­writers: Laura Solon, Ben Willbond)

A young couple’s marriage hilariously hits the rocks during a weekend wedding in the country.


United Kingdom (Director, Screen­writer: Johnny Barrington)

A tribe of Norse warriors traipse across a barren land after battle. Bloodied and wounded, their chief is near death. He is about to hand over power to his son when an army of a completely different kind descends upon them.



Into the Middle of Nowhere

United Kingdom (Director: Anna Frances Ewert)

The documentary is about the uniqueness of childhood and the exploration of the human mind. In an outdoor nursery based in the woods, children create their own individually constructed worlds and can test out the boundaries of reality.

Stick Climbing

Austria, Switzerland (Director: Daniel Zimmerman)

A contemplative walk leads to a bizarre climbing tour going from everyday village life to a seemingly impossible ascent.



38–39° C

(Director, Screen­writer: Kangmin Kim)

A man with a big birthmark on his back enters an old public bathhouse. He falls into a dream where he confronts his father who has the same birthmark.


Japan (Director: Isamu Hirabayashi)

I am a 66-year-old cicada. There was a big earthquake. There was a big tsunami. There also was a big accident.


United Kingdom (Director: Julia Pott)

Oscar is coming of age, against his better judgment. In doing so he must experience the necessary evil of leaving something behind, but he can still feel it in the pit of his stomach.

Bobby Yeah

United Kingdom (Director: Robert Morgan)

Bobby Yeah is a petty thug who lightens his miserable existence by brawling and thieving stuff. One day, he steals the favorite pet of some very dangerous individuals, and finds himself in deep trouble. He really should learn, but he just can’t help it.

A Morning Stroll

United Kingdom (Director: Grant Orchard)

When a New Yorker walks past a chicken on his morning stroll, we are left to wonder which one is the real city slicker.

Robots of Brixton

United Kingdom (Director: Kibwe Tavares)

The trials and tribulations of young robots surviving at the sharp end of inner city life, living the predictable existence of a populous hemmed in by poverty, disillusionment and mass unemployment.

Slow Derek

United Kingdom (Director: Dan Ojari) — The tale of Derek, an office worker, as he struggles with the true speed of planet earth.



An electrifying celebration of innovation in filmmaking, these New Frontier shorts, through bold color and thought-provoking messaging, electrify and energize the mind.

The Conquerors (Les Conquérants)

Canada, France (Directors and Screen­writers: Sarolta Szabo, Tibor Banoczki)

What exactly we need to build new civilization? Bravery? Courage? Power? Or the only thing we need is to successfully destroy an already existing one.

The Diatom

U.S. (Director: Chris Peters)

The diatom is the most numerous species on the planet, the basis of the aquatic food chain, produces most of the oxygen on earth, and is a key scientific indicator of the health of a water system. In order to understand our place in the world this mixed-mode ‘science film’ observes renowned Utah-based scientist Sam Rushforth and his team in the wide isolated landscape then in the lab and finally goes through the microscope to the diatom itself.

Fragments of Dissolution

U.S. (Director: Travis Wilkerson)

A poetic, anguished cry from the heart of a rotting empire. Four women describe their own unique hells. Children, brothers and friends burned alive while simply trying not to freeze. Husbands and sons deployed over and over, who kill themselves rather than fighting again. From Ft. Lewis to Detroit, the empire is devouring its own intestines.

Moving Stories

Belgium (Director, Screen­writer: Nicolas Provost)

Two young passengers adventure toward a mysterious future.

Seeking the Monkey King

(Director: Ken Jacobs)

The film could have well been called ‘Kicking and Screaming’ but that only describes me in the process of making it, questioning its taste. Cut through the flashy swastikas and one sees the German Nazis were Christians fulfilling historic obligation (The Final Solution) with relatively few so well-read as to imagine themselves Nietzscheans.

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