IRCONU Empress found dead

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Imperial Rainbow Court of Northern Utah Empress XII Andy Davis (aka Alexis Devo) was found dead on Monday, Jan. 16 after performing Saturday night at Investitures where the reigning emperor and empress handed down titles to supportive members of the organization. No other information on the cause of death is available at this time.

After 15 years of involvement in the Imperial Court System, Davis was elected Empress at the group’s coronation on Nov. 17. He was studying integrated studies at Weber State University.

On New Year’s Eve, Davis wrote on his Facebook wall, “This year I will dedicate to my self to my happiness, my joy, my higher self, and to the service to all people! This year I will wake up and start in the gratitude by which I should always be in. I will smile more! I will manifest more good things, and …. I will allow me to be present in my life. I will let go of all things that do not serve me for the better, and I will Shine!”

His death was announced on his Facebook page by a family member: “We have received some terrible news this evening. We lost our son Andrew. At this time we do not have any information and the entire family is grieving and trying to understand how it will be possible to take this in. Please at this time respect our privacy, we will update as soon as info comes available.”

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