Sanctity of marriage

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Cheating wife faces jail time

An Arizona woman is facing a month in jail or a large fine under a state law that outlaws adultery. Traci Banks admits to having two affairs, but her husband of 17 years is sure she’s cheated on him several more times. He has asked police for years to investigate her possible infidelity, but local authorities only recently agreed to do so. David said he first started suspecting his wife after he noticed condoms were being used and since he had a vasectomy, he said there was no reason for her to use them with him.

Divorce could mean earlier death

The risk of dying at a younger age is 23 percent higher among divorced adults than married couples, according to an Arizona University study.  Researchers found the risks associated with divorce are similar to other health risks, such as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day, not exercising, being overweight and drinking heavily. Divorced men were at a significantly higher risk for early death than divorced women. While there was a correlation between divorce and early death, the study did not make a conclusive statement about divorce definitively leading to an early death.

Sinead O’Connor splits with husband, again

After just 18 days of being married, singer Sinead O’Connor announced she was leaving Berry Herridge. She then announced she was reuniting with him after a “beautiful evening of love making.” But the latest chapter in this chronicle of the sanctity of marriage, O’Connor has called off the marriage for a second time.  The couple tied the knot in Las Vegas in December of last year. It’s O’Connor’s fourth marriage.

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