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Finding a job in this economy can be downright difficult. Finding a job in the creative arts field can be nearly impossible. It’s the proper education and training that can make the difference, said Bob Trewartha, community relations specialist at Broadview Entertainment Arts University, a division of Broadview University.

“At Broadview University we focus on career-driven experiences,” he said. “From the first academic advising appointment, to the small class sizes, and through every step we offer a personalized experience that is focused entirely on helping the student get the training he or she needs to succeed and find employment.”

BEAU opened a couple of years ago and is already expanding its audio and video departments to offer students a more comprehensive education and increase the number of majors and emphases that can be offered.

“The vision of this school is to bring something new and exciting to Salt Lake,” said Mitch Hare, BEAU’s network dean of programs. “It’s a school that creates a community where young people can pursue their creative passions and work closely with experienced instructors who are connected to the area’s lively arts scene.”

Along with small class sizes and personal instruction, BEAU works closely with local arts programs, theaters and video production studios and a large portion of the education experience is to build a portfolio and a resume. Along with giving back to the community, BEAU connects students with professionals for networking and further education, said Mike McAllister.

Students will graduate from BEAU with a competitive edge due to the extensive portfolio that they can build while attending school and internships are even required for some courses, he said. All course work is reviewed by a board of industry professionals and all techniques, software and technology are kept up to date to ensure that students have a smooth and simple transition from school to the job field, McAllister said.

“When students finish their program we make sure they have the tools to find employment and our career services department will help make that process even easier and that’s a service students can use for the rest of their lives,” McAllister said.

BEAU offers programs with emphasis on entertainment design, game art, graphic design, sequential imaging, digital video and media production, entertainment design, media business, music business and sequential imaging. The programs are specific and are designed for students who have a general idea of what industry they want to work in, Trewartha said. With competitive pricing and financial aid available, BEAU occupies a unique position in Utah to offer an accredited program and the job training necessary for Utah artists to pursue their goals and find a way to get paid for doing what they love most.

Broadview University is a nationally accredited school that provides students with hands-on learning and skills targeted specifically toward careers. It was established in 1977 and offers more than 35 programs on four campuses and an average of 10 to 1 student-teacher ratio. The age ranges from recent high school graduates to adults continuing their education.

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Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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