Sanctity of marriage

Low-income marriage rates down

While the percentage of Americans who are married is at an all-time low, different areas of the population are getting married at a much different rate. In 2010, only 51 percent of American adults were married. In 1972, that number was more than 70 percent. But a deeper analysis of these numbers indicate that for the first time since recording began, people who did not go to college are getting married at a slower rate than those who did. The change is not a matter of morality, but of economy. Polls indicate that most women say they will not marry an unemployed man and women are more likely, in a tough economy, to marry a man who is financially stable.

Pastor arrested for starving, beating children

South Korean police have arrested a Christian preacher and his wife in the deaths of their three children. The parents are accused of starving and severely beating and whipping their children because they said they were casting out demons. The couple told police that the Bible commanded them to hurt their children and began citing verse in their own defense, with little to no remorse for their actions.

A sentencing to Red Lobster

A man accused of strangling his wife was ordered to take her to Red Lobster and bowling by a South Florida judge. Joseph Bray, 47, was also ordered to buy his wife a birthday card and flowers in an apology and an attempt to patch up any hard feelings from the fight after he forgot his wife’s birthday. The judge said he made the ruling because the wife was never in any serious physical danger.

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