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SNAP: Mayors push for equality

The number of U.S. mayors who are now advocating for marriage equality has sky-rocketed to 141. With support from nearly every major metropolitan area in the nation, the sense of inevitability is nearly unavoidable. The gay-rights group backing the movement, Freedom to Marry, is also pushing to have marriage equality officially adopted as a party platform by the Democrats. With the national convention quickly approaching, Democrats may soon be facing a major shift in the official literature.

SLAP: Bills doomed in Australia

In an effort that reached across party lines, the Labor and Green Parties of Australia introduced similar marriage equality bills that were immediately killed by the opposition. Although party officials doubted their bills would make it through the arduous legislative process, they said making a stand for equality was an important message to send to their country, and the world. Just three months ago the Labor Party officially changed its position on marriage equality and is now leading the battle to legalize same-sex marriage nationally.

SNAP: J.C. Penny Co. “Buy-cott”

After actress and TV host Ellen DeGeneres joined forces with retailer J.C. Penny Co., conservative groups went hog wild, calling for a boycott of the store. In a rare move, DeGeneres spoke out against the leading group in calling for the protest, the American Family Association. Saying “my haters are my motivators,” her stance against the AFA and others led to Facebook groups and “buy-cotts” around the nation. Thousands of gays and lesbians flooded J.C. Penny stores wearing pink and voicing their support for the pro-equality stance that J.C. Penney has taken while standing up for DeGeneres.

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