Thatcher not a lesbian

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Dear editor,

I read Chris Azzopardi’s article the day after seeing Iron Lady. Excuse me, but I don’t see how this movie creates the idea that Margaret Thatcher is a lesbian icon! Dennis, the main emotional thread upon which her life’s memories are strung, was her loving, supporting  husband.  The article doesn’t even mention Dennis. I thought it was very touching how such a powerful woman gained so much support from her spouse. Her victories, defeats, wars and terrors were all shared with Dennis. Was Thatcher a lesbian? Am I missing something?

An intelligent, lesbian friend of mine coined a phrase, after living in the Bay area for a year.  She said that many lesbians weren’t actually being consistent with their inner feelings, but were more caught up in extreme feminism and reacting to a male-dominated, often abusive world. She called this ‘political lesbianism.’ This might be an example of the blending of feminism and lesbianism. Is every intelligent, powerful, independent woman a lesbian?

Michelle H

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