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Conservative hit-and-run

Conservative Texas radio host Michael Barry is offering to pay damages after admittedly being involved in a hit-and-run accident outside of a gay bar. He is known for his conservative viewpoints and is a former city council member. Barry said he went to the bar, not because he is gay but because TC’s has “cold beer.” Yeah, right.

Gay sheriff boosts funds

Just one week after Pinal County, Ariz., Sheriff Paul Babeu’s candidacy for Congress was nearly derailed by being outed as a gay man who allegedly threatened his ex-boyfriend with deportation, his race is back on track. Raising money at a faster rate than ever and making national headlines, the anti-immigrant candidate, who was dating an immigrant, is pushing forward with his run for the House. An openly gay Republican already faces electoral difficulties, but one caught in a scandal invovling an ex-boyfriend and immigration makes for situations even soap operas couldn’t make up.

Uganda’s laws a distraction

Uganda took a step backward, once again, as a member of parliament reintroduced his anti-gay bill. The legislation would require a life sentence for consensual homosexual activities and a death sentence for “aggravated homosexuality.” While it’s already difficult being gay in Uganda, this inhumane bill shows its ugly head every time there is unrest or other difficulties within the government, and people are starting to notice. Now seen by many political insiders as a mere distraction from a dismal and inoperable government, the bill is a rallying point for homophobes. Rather than facing the real issues in the country, the leaders choose to distract with controversy at the risk of human lives.

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