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Reminiscent of the major program restructuring of MTV from music in the ’90s, Logo is phasing out gay programming. In fact, the next season’s lineup does not include a single show that has queer characters in leading roles. The station is opting instead for Bravo-like knockoffs of Toddlers & Tiaras and Mob Wives.

Logo executives released a statement saying the shift was made to help the station reflect the modernization of the gay movement and provide entertainment that looks a little more mainstream.

“Culturally, we’re past the tipping point. For gays and lesbians, it’s part of who they are, but they don’t lead with it, because many are leading fully integrated, mainstream lives,” said Lisa Sherman, executive vice president of Logo. “Our goal at Logo has always been to honestly reflect our viewers’ lives. We’re now reinforcing our commitment to them with programming that truly mirrors how many of them are living and want to be entertained today.”

Logo executives site a new study the channel conducted that shows how lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people live today. For example, the study shows that 53 percent conveyed that gays don’t hide being gay, but that for them it’s not a priority to showcase it. And 30 percent indicated that they preferred living and socializing in exclusively gay and lesbian communities. However, this study has not yet been released and no data about how the channel is used and viewed in Utah was released.

“The gay community continues to evolve in size, influence and identity,” said Esther Franklin, a representative of the polling company.

Along with endless reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Logo’s new season includes the following:

Eden Wood’s World

Six-year-old Eden Wood rocked the pageant world when she announced she would be retiring from the competition circuit after six grueling years of dominating her rivals. With over 300 crowns and a legion of adoring fans worldwide, Eden, her mom, her Midwest talent manager and her fabulous New York City publicist want to take her career to the next level. Eden is now pursuing her dreams to become an actress/singer/model/entertainment superstar, but the path to stardom is never easy, especially with so much at stake.

The Baby Wait

From DiGa’s Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley, the veteran television producers and MTV executives behind such hits as Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant and Made, comes a unique look at childbirth and adoption. This new series chronicles the unique process of open adoption and the real ‘modern family’ that is formed. The program will feature all types of new parents including straight and gay couples, and single parents.


Scandalicious reimagines the classic countdown show with attitude featuring commentary from comedians, experts and tastemakers with strong opinions on topics that are frivolous, but addicting. You will not walk away any smarter from an episode, but you’ll definitely walk away thoroughly entertained.


What family does not have their issues? For Michel Verdi, the issues are complicated. Her mafioso father was busted and sent to prison. She and her husband, Jay, moved to Los Angeles and opened three successful bars and restaurants along with Michel’s brother. Her mother remarried, her brother came out and then her ex-con father was released from jail. They are now under one roof and all working in the new family business.

Design my Dog

From the producers of America’s Next Top Model, Design My Dog is a studio-based, reality-competition show that tests the creative talents of dog owners and their canine companions. Each week Design My Dog challenges four dog owners, each paired with a fashion designer, to create the latest looks in canine couture and compete to win a cash prize and a dog-calendar contract.

Love Lockdown

Love Lockdown highlights a unique style of “no B.S.” relationship therapy — a 24-hour intensive therapy session designed to make couples “blank” or get-off-the-pot. The couples will enter therapy at a critical moment in their relationship and agree to follow the therapist’s hardcore advice for 24 hours.


The word means excessive, morally shocking or extraordinary and unconventional. This series shines a spotlight on topics from serious to titillating that meet one or more of these criteria and have ignited a curiosity in pop culture. From topics like gay Republicans to Kim Kardashian’s wedding, Outrageous will bring viewers a revealing, uncompromising look at the most intriguing stories in pop culture.

RuPaul’s Drag U

Television’s most fabulous makeover show is back for a “draggier” than ever third season. Expect more drag queens, more diva transformations and more real-life fashion, hair and makeup tips for the everyday woman.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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