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Giving away two weddings is a daunting task and couldn’t be done without the support from the community. The following vendors donated time, product and services to support the QSaltLake wedding couples and to show their support for the gay community.

Le Croissant Catering

For nearly two decades, Le Croissant Catering has been a Utah staple. More than just fantastic food with only the freshest of ingredients and a fantastic presentation, the company focuses on outstanding customer service, said owner and manager Kelly Lake.

“Our first and most important priority is to give our clients an event that they can be proud of,” Lake said. “We want them to be excited about the event even years after it happens.”

Le Croissant again provided their services for the QSaltLake same-sex weddings. But Le Croissant does much more than weddings. The company has provided catering services to more than 1,000 different events.

“We pretty much do it all,” Lake said. “From the smallest gatherings to large corporate parties, we have experience in all kinds of events. And we put just as much love into box lunches as we do into our large parties.”

The company offers their services all along the Wasatch Front, Utah County and Park City. No matter the size of the gathering, Le Croissant can help plan and serve visually pleasing and stomach-pleasing food.

“We focus on a few factors,” Lake said. “Happy clients, fabulous ingredients and outstanding presentation.”

To schedule an event or for more information go to or call 801-466-2537.

David Daniels Photography

Most photographers learn to take photos and then editing them is somewhat of an afterthought. While editing is important to some photographers, it definitely takes a back seat to the art of taking the photo. For David Daniels, his photography emerges from his extensive background in photo editing and design.

“When I take a photo, I am always thinking about how people could use it,” Daniels said. He was a photographer for the QSaltLake same-sex weddings. “When I see a great photo opportunity, I always think of the practical application.”

His background in design gives him an understanding what a designer might look for in a photo. Also, he has a degree in psychology from BYU, and he said it helps give him an interesting perspective in taking photos. It gives him a unique approach to photography.

Daniels has been involved in photography since he first discovered Photoshop in 1995.

“I sort of worked backward,” Daniels said. “I started out editing the photos and realized I would be able to start taking my own photos. I knew exactly how I would want photos to be edited, so I started to take some of my own photos.”

Daniels has experience photographing everything from the most basic portrait shots, to full wedding albums. He also has photographed same-sex weddings, commitment ceremonies and many other gay-themed events.

“As a gay man, I feel I need to be true to myself and my friends around me,” Daniels said.

To see examples of his lifestyle and journalistic photography, go to his website, For examples of his work with weddings and same-sex ceremonies, go to

Just Girl Stuff

Specializing in prom and wedding dresses, Just Girl Stuff, has more than 600 dresses in stock and available for fitting. From bridesmaids to flower girls, this beautiful and queer-friendly store in Riverdale, Utah, is a must-visit for anyone, gay or straight, planning a wedding or any other special event.

Just Girl Stuff  donated the wedding dresses for the QSaltLake Wedding Giveaway. For more information, go to or call 801-334-0636.

“Here at Just Girl Stuff we make your special occasion our number one priority.”

Ganached By Jake

Ganached By Jake specializes in wedding cakes, cupcakes, pastries and much more. Owned and operated by Jake Blaine, Ganached is a shining testimony of creativity and skill. Blaine has always had a passion for baking and he decided to turn his love into a career. He graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute and began dazzling wedding guests, birthday party-goers and event planners with his fantastic and whimsical cakes and pastries.

“Everything is made from scratch and designed to fit the personality and desires of the customer,” Blaine said. “You can count on quality and customization.”

Blaine donated a wedding cake for the QSaltLake weddings.

For more information, go to or call 801-556-5971.

The Ritz Tuxedos

With more than 20 tuxedo styles and more than 50 vest colors and patterns, The Ritz Tuxedos is perfect for weddings and other formal events. With same-day service and pick-up the evening before the event, the service is unbeatable. No tuxedo is more than $46.

The Ritz Tuxedos donated the tuxedos to the QSaltLake Wedding Giveaway. For more information, go to or call 801-265-0288.

Salt Lick Printing

QSaltLake has branched out into short-run printing, as well as printing programs for arts organizations and other events. Of course we had to take care of the invitations for our lucky couples. Since we specialize in shorter runs due to the technology of our printer, we save money for people and businesses that need less than 1,000 prints. Rather than go to the expense of plates and ink, our digital press prints each page as an original. Also, because we don’t need to run hundreds of copies to calibrate the press, our process is better on the environment as well as the pocketbook. The next time you need invitations, business cards, postcards, flyers, posters, etc., consider using friends you know — us!

Salt Lick Printing can be found at or at 801-649-6663. 

The Art Floral

For that last minute need, special request, custom design just that extra-special human touch, The Art Floral just can’t be beat. The Salt Lake City floral company is full-service with same-day deliveries. For weddings, birthdays, special occasions or just to have that extra pizzazz, The Art Floral is a queer-friendly and inclusive shop to help say, “Thanks,” “I love you,” or “I’m sorry.”

Go to or call 801-363-0565 for more information.

Pumps & Pants Photography

The engagement photos, which were also used inr the invitations, were taken by the fabulous Pumps & Pants owner Sasha Polak. Serving the queer and allied community, Pumps & Pants offers a photo studio and traveling services for all the diverse photography needs.

From family portraits to wedding and commitment ceremonies, Polak is an experienced and creative photographer who caters to a queer clientele. Gays and lesbians can rest assured walking into the studio knowing they’re in the capable and friendly hands of a true “family” member.

“There is nothing more rewarding than being able to communicate in a way that all people can understand. We have worked as professional photographers for many years, shooting portrait, family and fine art photography,” Polak said. “We specialize in creating a comfortable and safe photographic experience for those who may not find that with any other photographer. And in giving our community the respect and equal opportunity that should be afforded without thought by others, we have grown to appreciate all people, regardless their stories.”

For more information, go to or call 801-520-7297.

Memorial House

Nestled in the beautiful and serene backdrop of Memory Grove Park, the Memorial House is the perfect location for any special day. The historic charm of Memorial House, coupled with the amazing elegance and beauty of Memory Grove Park make this an ideal year-round choice for weddings and other ceremonies. Memorial House provides the perfect ambiance for an elegant dinner or reception. Guests will feel right at home with the warm wood floors, large fireplace and open layout. During the summer months, the charming French doors open to the patio, where guests are invited to take in the sweeping views of  the park and to relax under the shade of large umbrellas. In the colder months, the fireplace provides guests with a cozy atmosphere on your perfect winter night.

For more information, go to or call 801-521-7969.

Specialty Linens & Chair Covers

With more than 50,000 pieces of linen available in 60 different colors, Specialty Linens & Chair Covers has one of Utah’s largest selections available for rent. From weddings to small family gatherings, Specialty Linens has a wide array colors and sizes.

“We really try to match the needs of the customers with our large supply of linens,” said Bruce Bevan, owner and manager. “While we don’t have a limitless supply, we usually find a way to help out with last-minute orders.”

To browse all the selections and availability, go to And while it’s advisable to reserve orders a few months in advance, even last-minute orders are accepted.

Soundwrite LLC

A newcomer to the wedding and disc jockey scene, Roger Cox got his business off the ground in December of 2011. With an education in Spanish and music, Cox has used his talents hosting a program on KCPW, but has wanted to take his work directly to the community.

“Everything in my life has to do with music,” Cox said. “It is so important to me.”

His new company, Soundwrite LLC, is just starting and he offers DJ and other emcee and hosting services for weddings, events, parties and dances. While music is his passion, being involved with the community is also very important, he said.

“I want to help make your event the best it can be,” Cox said. “Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a same-sex ceremony or just a family gathering, let me help you.”

He can be reached at or 801-609-4332.

The Window Box Floral & Interior

With cutting edge designs that can fit any budget, The Window Box Floral & Interior is worth the drive up north. Located in Layton, Utah, the chic and sexy floral company is a one-stop shop for weddings, special occasions or just the gift for that special someone. Whether looking for a complete wedding design with a thousand-dollar budget, or a more modest $100 wedding, The Window Box has just the design.

“Our designers are fantastic and are so great at what they do,” said Jeff Weaver. “We have so many different options for everyone. Whatever your budget might be, we’ll find something to make it special.”

With complete floral service for every occasion, featuring the designs of Tracy Barlow, Davis County’s only AIFD accredited designer, they look forward to an opportunity to be of service.

For more information, go to or call 801-546-3649.



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