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Bisexual rainbow

Bisexuals are sometimes left behind in the world of lesbian, gay and transgender. Many feel they don’t have a solid place in the community and are often ridiculed for not being oriented one way or the other.

Some may even argue that bisexuality isn’t a sexual identity.

I think the refusal to take bi seriously stems from an element of jealousy. I mean isn’t it the greatest that people can be attracted to both genders.

One of the problems with loving both genders is it creates confusion all across the board.

For example, a bisexual who dates a member of the same sex is considered gay or lesbian. While a bi who dates a member of the opposite sex is considered straight.

On the other hand, a true bisexual won’t eventually pick a team and become gay or lesbian. Despite what Dan Savage might think.

Along with inaccurate beliefs, bisexuals are often mislabeled.

For instance, a bi is not automatically a slut. A few bisexuals have threesomes, but most don’t. So quit asking.

Plus it is often assumed a bi will cheat because they tire of the gender they’re dating. This is rare and far from the truth. Bisexuals are no more likely to cheat than gays and lesbians.

Also, bisexuals often dislike being put into a box with a word like “bisexual.” Many prefer to think in terms of a spectrum when it comes to who they love and want to be intimate with.

Some people who claim their lesbian and gay are really bisexual. They likely do this to avoid any type of stigma.

To love a bisexual you have to listen to them and believe they are not a mythical creature. Take stock in the fact they are not going to change to your liking. Listen to them and realize it’s hard to be attracted to both genders, especially when it goes unrecognized.

But, bisexuals exist and are not Disney characters.  I know first-hand that bisexuality is a real thing and is not something the rest of the rainbow created for humorous effect.

In fact, its is not easy to be any label on the rainbow of sexuality. We need to be friends and treat each other with equal respect and humanity. If we don’t respect each other, who will?

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