Sanctity of marriage

Kim Kardashian – celebrity momma?

Just months after ending her extremely brief marriage to NBA star Kris Humphreys, Kim Kardashian is reportedly looking to adopt a child. The socialite and reality TV star has apparently filed all the necessary paperwork in becoming an adoptive parent. In true form of illustrating the so-called sanctity of marriage and families, she will be adopting a child, something a gay couple in Utah still cannot do. Apparently because children will be better off with a Kardashian than with a loving and committed gay couple.

Swinging toward equality

Nearly half of Americans support laws allowing gay couples to be married while 40 percent oppose such measures with the rest undecided, according to a recent Wall Street Journal and NBC poll. In 2009, support for marriage equality was only at 41 percent with 49 percent opposed. In just three years, the measured support for gay marriage is skyrocketing. Other recent national polls, including some from CNN, Gallup, and The Associated Press, report majority support on the issue. The poll comes as Washington, Maine and Maryland face voter referendums on gay marriage, and Proposition 8 is likely to move to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Hulk Hogan sex tape shopped around

A sex tape with Hulk Hogan and an unidentified woman, who is clearly not his wife or ex-wife, is being shopped around to porn studios. Currently, no one is taking the bait. Celebrity sites The Hollywood Gossip and TMZ are reporting they have obtained a copy of the tape on which Hogan, with his signature blond hair and overly tanned muscles tells the woman that he “started to work out again,” as he undresses and strokes his body.

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