Utah Gay Chamber adopts I-80, needs volunteers

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So, you are driving across town on I-80 and you see one of those signs on the side of the freeway that says something about who cleans this stretch of road as a community service.

And then you notice the words GAY and LESBIAN on the sign.

Do you swerve? Do you text your friends and family while driving? Do you faint?

No! You smile and say, “I helped with that.”

Help make history as the Utah Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce becomes the first gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender group to adopt a section of Utah highway and get those two words on the sign.

“In Utah, though we can’t adopt children, we can at least adopt a highway,” joked Chamber president Michael Aaron. “Perhaps this is but another nudge in the direction of eventual equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Utahns.”

We need as many volunteers as we can get to wake up early on Saturday morning, get to the Shopko parking lot, up by the Red Lobster on 1300 East, and don lovely orange vests and pick up trash.

We will provide a pancake breakfast afterward to celebrate our achievement.

The weather promises to be GREAT that morning.

Join us for the fun!

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