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SLAP: Two men arrested for buggery

Two California men pleaded guilty to indecent exposure in the island-nation of Dominica after being arrested during a stop on a gay cruise of the Caribbean. John Robert Hart, 41, and Dennis Jay Mayer, 43, told the court they regretted their actions. Police said they were seen having sex by people on land which prompted officers to board the ship and arrest them. The two were arrested on suspicion of “buggery” or sodomy, which is illegal on the eastern Caribbean island where gay sex is outlawed. The men had to pay a $900 fine and were called “rogues and vagabonds” by the chief magistrate in the court. The pair made no comment regarding the verdict and police drove them to the airport and released them.

SLAP: Starbucks boycott

After challenging Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on the company’s pro-equality stance, a representative from the anti-gay National Organization of Marriage called for a boycott of the coffee giant. When NOM’s Jonathan Baker asked if the pro-gay marriage stance was shared by Starbucks CEOs and other business leaders, Schultz spoke out strongly and swiftly against him, saying the support of gay rights was “not a difficult decision for us.”

SNAP: Anti-gay marriage vote fails

A vote to repeal marriage equality has failed in the Republican-controlled New Hampshire House by a vote of 211-116. The bill would have replaced the current marriage-equality bill with civil unions. Although the governor promised a veto if the bill reached his desk, the bill sputtered and died by an overwhelming majority. Many Republicans joined Democrats in voicing opposition to the bill.

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