The Hive Winery showcases Utah wines, mead

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With more than 20 selections of wine and mead in his repertoire, Jay Yahne, owner and operator of The Hive Winery, turns a charming Davis County business into a true Utah experience. Wines that are almost entirely made from local fruit and honey, with very few using actual grapes, The Hive has a tasting room and a state-approved liquor store. The wines are also now available in select Utah liquor stores.

In a move to promote a burgeoning Utah wine scene, Yahne supports local farmers and hives to gather the freshest ingredients for his product. With offerings ranging from strawberry wine to pie cherry wine and peach wine, the selection is colorful and has something for everyone.

“We focus on the true essence of the product,” Yahne said. “We look for the best ingredients and make some very unique blends.”

After opening the winery and beginning production, the wines were finally ready for purchase last summer and the reception has been phenomenal, Yahne said. The unusual nature of the wines combined with their outstanding new flavors makes The Hive Winery a true Utah treat.

The wine tasting room is open Monday through Saturday, 1:30-6:30 p.m., where tasters can experience the wines and mead before making a purchase. Paired with local cheeses, the experience will transport participants out of Utah, if only for a brief moment.

Some of the wines, such as the “Pioneer Red” Black Currant Wine, have the consistency of a cabernet, with none of the familiar flavor. Instead, the full-bodied wine has a well-balanced black currant bite. The tasty concoction will produce a much softer finish than a cabernet.

Then there’s the Pie Cherry Wine, which pairs perfectly with cheese enchiladas and tastes just like cherry pie in a bottle. The semi-dry wine has all the spices and flavors of pie filling, with a phenomenal flavor. Another favorite is the Raspberry Honey Wine which is made by co-fermenting Utah red raspberries and Cache Valley honey. The fragrances blend to make it a rich and mellow wine that paired with a summer salad and Beehive’s Barely Buzzed cheese. Somehow, the wines manage to remain fruity without overwhelming the imbiber in sweetness.

The entire array of wine available at The Hive Winery and select Utah liquor stores is an astounding testament to Utah’s growing wine industry.

“I think people are usually surprised by a Utah winery. But we have so much to offer here in the state. We’ve got some great wineries in Moab and one in Salt Lake as well,” Yahne said. “I think we can all grow together and show Utahns they don’t have to buy wine from California to enjoy it. They can buy local products that have some interesting and delicious tastes.”

For more information, visit the winery at 1220 West Jack D Dr., Ste. 2, Layton or go to thehivewinery.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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