TEA of Utah seeks survey participants

Going to get your driver’s license shouldn’t be dehumanizing. Yet, that’s exactly how many transgender Utahns feel when they attempt to accomplish this simple, and necessary task. We have talked with the Drivers License Division about the discrimination and unfair treatment people have experienced and they have told us they need more information: Where discrimination happened, what the situation was and what was the outcome.

Help the Transgender Education Advocates of Utah gather critical information about your Department of Motor Vehicles/Drivers License Division experience. Help create good policy and guidelines for DLD/DMV employees.

Together we can help create a fair and just DLD/DMV experience.

If you identify as transgender, please take a few minutes to complete a very important survey.

The date collected will be used for Drivers License Division training and advocacy as well as for gathering demographic information for local organizations that serve the transgender community.

Please pass this info on to other transgender individuals you may know.

This survey is intended to gain a better understanding of the specific needs of anyone who has a gender identity or expression of gender that is outside of their assigned gender at birth or traditional gender roles. This may include, but is not limited to, individuals who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, gender queer, gender variant, female, male, effeminate or butch.

This study is being conducted by Candice Metzler and Transgender TEA of Utah in an effort to examine specific issues associated with things like employment discrimination, homelessness, access to health care, possible mistreatment by the DLD and more. The information will help us to connect with the community we serve and better understand the issues which are impacting our community. It will also help us to prioritize the numerous issues which need addressing and provide supporting evidence when we approach organizations like the Utah DLD. This is a unique opportunity to be heard and have an impact on the issues that are important to you!

For more information and to take the survey, go here.

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