Petition to bring ‘Bully’ to Salt Lake City circulated

More than 13 million children in the United States will be bullied this year. And students who identify as queer are up to two times more likely to report being verbally or physically harassed. A recent documentary, simply titled, Bully, documents the plight of students and the inaction of school administrators and some parents.

The film has only been released  in select markets. But film producers started a contest and the top 10 cities with the most votes will have screenings of the very important film.

The documentary recently made headlines because of its rating given by the Motion Picture Association of America. Because many of the bullies use profanities to intimidate their victims, the film is laced with words that are somehow more taboo than the subject. The film received an ‘R’ rating by the MPAA, and even after an appeal, the film will be barred from younger children.

Time referred to Bully, “as vivid as any horror film, as heartbreaking as any Oscar-worthy drama.”

To join the contest and bring Bully to Salt Lake City, go to movies.eventful.com. To watch a trailer of the film or find out more information, go to thebullyproject.com.

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