City Creek Center is welcoming to all, mall representatives say

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Despite stories of rigorous and over-zealous implementation of rules at the new City Creek Center in Salt Lake City, patrons are allowed to have tattoos, wear tank tops and even hold their same-sex partner’s hand, said mall management officials.

While there are some restrictions that are similar to rules at other malls around the country operated by Taubman, such as no obscenity on clothing and no nudity, there is no difference between the ways the rules are implemented in Salt Lake and other malls, said Linda Wardell, a Taubman spokesperson.

“We hope that you do come here and we hope that you do hold your boyfriend’s hand,” Wardell said. “We’ve seen lots of hand-holding go on here at City Creek Center, by opposite-sex and same-sex couples. Holding hands here is always welcome. I think that holding hands means people are happy and having a great time, so we hope that goes on all day, every day at City Creek Center.”

Other stories about people being ejected from the mall for simply refusing to cover up tattoos are also not accurate, she said. Not only do many of the individual store employees have tattoos, many of the security guards do as well.

“I think when the security guards switch to their summer uniforms, a lot of people are going to be surprised at how many of them also have tattoos,” Wardell said.

City Creek Center is managed by Taubman Centers, Inc., which manages properties around the country. The mall retail property is not managed by the Mormon Church and the rules are not enforced or selected by the church, she said.

There is an appeals process in place and if patrons feel they have been unfairly targeted, mall management wants to hear about it, said Karen MacDonald, another Taubam spokesperson.

“We will not tolerate any activity in terms of people not treating others with respect. Period,” MacDonald said. “City Creek Center is a place for everyone and we want everyone to come here and have a great experience. There have been precious few times that we’ve had to speak to someone about their conduct in the Center and I have to say the experience has been very positive overall.”

There are no rules in place about gay, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people, drag queens or tattoos, Wardell said. Aside from speaking with mall management, anyone who feels they have been unfairly targeted can email Wardell at [email protected].

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