Spring formalwear has the bold, the bright and the beautiful

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Jackets, vests, blazers and mermaid-style dresses in bright colors and animal prints are in fashion. There’s no doubt about it, this is the season of bold, bright and beautiful. Look for neon orange, pink and blue in dresses and tans and navy blues in men’s wear. Pair the colored suit with a bright shirt and patterned tie and the outfit is set to impress, said Adam Weber, co-founder of custom menswear company Dress Code.

“We’re seeing all kinds of colors this year. The shirts and liners of the jackets are especially great for the spring and you can do all kinds of things with them,” Weber said. “Also, you can add a patterned tie to a bright shirt and the contrast will really make it pop.”

Due to rising temperatures, blazers and vests are also very in this year, he said. Adding a vest to a suit makes it a more versatile option and allows for more layers. Also, the fitted blazer can bring more options and let people roll up the sleeves for different looks perfect for a warmer climate, Weber said. Dress Code offers personalized customer service in homes and offices and sells for a fraction of the price of other similar companies.

“The vests are looking more colorful and looks are getting a little edgier,” he said.

Suit jacket styles remain relatively stagnant through the years, but a two-button jacket is coming back and offers a sleeker look that works for all body types, he said. Double-breasted is a terrific choice for summer and is a stand-out look that can help make an impact.

On the dress aisle, neon colors and tight fits such as mermaid cuts and high-lows, where the dress is high in the front and low in the back, are flying off the shelves, said Wendy Tate of Just Girl Stuff.

“Utah is a little behind the trends in New York and other places, but we’re starting to see a sleeker look, more pageant-style dresses,” she said. “Also animal-print patterns are extremely popular this year.”

The mermaid cut is tight-fitting until about mid-waist, where it balloons out. The tight fits are paired with the colors and patterns. Also, empire and drop-waist, or gown-style dresses, are always in-style in Utah, she said.

Whether it’s men’s formal wear, elegant gowns or somewhere in-between, go bold, go bright, go beautiful.

For more information about Dress Code, go to dresscodecustom.com. For more information about Just Girl Stuff, go to justgirlstuff.com or call 801-334-0636.

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