Mormons release ‘It Gets Better’ video

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As part of an It Gets Better video project, a group of members of the Mormon faith released a video telling teens and others that it gets better, even in the LDS Church. The group included many parents of gay children and even highlighted a bishop’s response.

“It was tough. I’m not going to lie,” said one video speaker. “But I really love my daughter, and I really care about her.”

The video is part of a bigger project of Mormons participating in the It Gets Better project to show teens and others that life will improve for them. The video comes on the heels of a video highlighting gay students at Church-owned Brigham Young University. Gays, allies and parents use the videos to speak about their own experiences dealing with their own sexuality and that of their children and friends.

“I remember that once I told a coworker that if a gay ever came onto me I would punch him,” one video speaker said. “But now I’d probably just hug him.”

There are Mormons who are understanding and accepting, despite the sometimes conventional wisdom and experience that all Mormons are homophobic, video speakers said.

“There is a community of people who are Mormon who understand and want to help,” a speaker said.

One couple shared their experience finding their son while he tried to commit suicide. They found out he was gay that night.

To watch the video, go to bit.ly/I7FweF.

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  1. AS an ex-Mormon, I can tell the folks who made this video that it will get MUCH better if they just leave the church. It's hard to do, especially after being (what is a polite word for brainwashed?) since age zero, but the world is SUCH a better place when you aren't constantly being told "you are worth less than everyone else."

  2. I certainly appreciate the bravery these kind folks have shown by making the video. It shows things are finally changing for the better.

    After being called an abomination, unnatural, sick and other intolerable names and descriptions by Mormon leaders, there is still much more change to be made

  3. This is what all people of all faiths should do about MANY subjects. Good for those who are leading the way and my eternal thanks, love, and admiration to them and their families.

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