Sanctity of marriage

Intrinsic value of the cat

A Washington man was convicted of animal cruelty after his was accused of kicking his wife’s cat to death. He has been ordered to pay $25,000 in restitution, $15,000 for the “intrinsic value of the cat” and $10,000 for emotional suffering. Justin Chlarson, 32, was convicted of intentionally harming the animal and the act was deemed not to be an accident. He was ordered to have no contact with cats, or his wife, who later divorced him.

Forging divorce

A man pretending to be an entrepreneur is accused of offering to fed-up husbands a way to divorce without their wives finding out. A 57-year-old English man pleaded guilty to a charge of perverting the course of justice after he tried to divorce his wife without her knowledge. He said he had sought out the services of Khuram Shezad Ali to help him complete the divorce.  Forging documents and signatures to allow for a smooth divorce and the complete acceptance of assets would make the separation process much simpler, but it’s also highly illegal.

The motherhood of the recording pants

A Texas woman is accused of hiding a recording device in her 9-year-old child’s clothing to listen in on her ex-husband’s conversations. Brian Martin said in a lawsuit that his ex-wife Allison Markoski sewed the device into the child’s jeans on several occasions and he is suing for $70,000 and fighting for full custody of the child. He said the money would cover fees for a private investigator that he had to hire.

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