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Bob Henline

Most Fabulous Auto Repair

Ted’s Express Automotive — My brother, Ken, at Ted’s Express Automotive. He can fix anything. Domestic, foreign, cobbled together with duct tape and bailing wire – it doesn’t matter. Take it to Ken and he’ll fix it right and fix it fast. Give him a call at 801-462-6620 and mention that he’s Fabulous for a special discount!

Most Fabulous Veterinary Care

Dancing Cats — This one goes to Dr. Nancy Larsen of the Dancing Cats Feline Health Center in Sugarhouse. Sorry dog (and everything else) lovers, Dr. Larsen caters exclusively to cats. Personally, I’m not really a cat-person, but my wife is and she takes our cat to Dr. Larsen (of course, she also works there). They are located at 1760 S. 1100 East, call 801-467-0799 to schedule your appointment.

Most Fabulous Fake Outing

Rod Decker of KUTV 2 News — for his story about the Human Dignity Rally. Not only did he completely ignore the point of the rally, he did it by outing me as gay (which I’m not, although it doesn’t offend me to be labeled as such), and by explaining that Utah’s Hate Machine was mad at me for printing their names and addresses, which I didn’t do. I just posted links to their Facebook pages, and if you think joining a public Facebook group gives you some expectation of privacy, you’re nuts.

Most Fabulous Caucus

Utah Stonewall Democrats — I’m pretty sure there’s already a Fabby for Political Organization, but I want to highlight the Utah Stonewall Democrats for the fabulous work they do in the Democratic Party and in our communities to help advance the cause of equality. Check them out at utahstonewalldems.org.

Most Fabulous Free Infotainment

The LEFT Show — Hands down, this one goes to The LEFT Show, probably because I’m sucking up for another guest appearance! You can download the podcast (free) at theleftshow.com. Jeff, Forrest, and the rest of the gang will keep you informed and entertained, and hopefully pissed off enough to get yourself involved to make some changes around here.

Chris Katis

Best Greek Family Restaurant

Aristo’s — Greek food is more than gyros and souvlaki. For authentic Greek fare, try Aristo’s (224 S. 1300 East). Want to know what real Greek families eat for Sunday dinner? Ask your server if they’ve got gevetsi – orzo cooked in lamb. Oh, and Aristo, the man, is hot.

Best Family-Friendly Hike

Willow Lake — Across from Silver Lake Lodge in Big Cottonwood Canyon, it has steep but short ascent through aspen forest that is doable by all ages. Once at the lake you’ll see fish, frogs and maybe even a moose or two! It’s also a great snow shoeing destination!

Best Rainy-Day Destination for Kids

Natural History Museum of Utah — The new museum is fabulous and fun for young and old alike. (And if it’s nice out, when you’re finished at the museum, you can stroll through Red Butte Gardens next door.)

Best School

Saint Sophia Hellenic Orthodox School — It’s the Greek parochial school my kids attend. No, you don’t need to be Greek (half the students aren’t.) Gay and lesbian families are welcomed and embraced. Kids are celebrated and cherished for who they are. Homophobia? They’ve never heard of it.

Best Family-Friendly Restaurant

Long Life Vegi House — Don’t let the exterior fool you, the food at this vegan/seafood place is great! Kelly and I used to go there back when we were dating. Now, it’s a favorite of the boys as well. The owner will even devise special chopsticks for kids to use. And Kelly likes to remind me all four of us once ate there for just $14!

Tony Hobday

Most Fabulous Local Author 

Dan Wells — A Utah native and living a “traditional” family life in Orem, Wells writes young adult fiction. And yes, his books, at least in the John Cleaver Series, include a mythological world. Yet, Wells meshes it more with reality than the Potter and Twilight series. Plus, it’s really quite more disturbing because young John Cleaver is a sociopath warding off evil spirits while battling an incessant need to kill. Think a young Dexter with a billowing innocence.

Most Fabulous bar when you want to act straight or get soused without Salty Gossip finding out 

Duffy’s Tavern — The small neighborhood bar has graced the area of 900 south and Main Street for nearly 35 years. It’s a great place to play pool and darts, and go hog-wild on the jukebox. The staff is awesome, friendly, and kind of burly. They even serve a pretty decent omelet on Sundays. Once your over playing with the heteros, Duffy’s is in walking distance of Club Try-Angles (well, for most of us queens).

Most Fabulous anticipation for a restaurant I’ve been aching to try

Kaiser’s Barbeque & General Store — You can’t miss the barn-red building located at 962 S. 300 West, with rod iron garden accessories and pink flamingoes flocking the entrance. A submarine-sized smoker sits in a garage around back where I’m guessing they cook up their handmade sausages, Texas-style pulled pork and oak-smoked ribs. Plus, after stuffing yourself, you can do a little shopping for that vintage cropper or velvet wall art you’ve always wanted. Fabulous!

Most Fabulous place to pickpocket without getting caught

Pib’s Exchange — I love Pib’s! Not because I almost always find something fabulous to wear to Pride or to Tracy Aviary or to a bar mitzvah. But because of the many years I’ve been shopping there I have purchased a pair of previously worn jeans with cash left in a pocket three separate times. Seriously, I think I’ve made more money than spent at Pib’s. OK, that’s not true, but it’s always great to think to yourself, hey, is that a roll of quarters or are those jeans just happy to see me?

Ben Williams

Best Personalized Dog Grooming

Back Porch Grooming — It is my favorite Dog Grooming. Stephen Bolinder does a fabulous job and comes right to your house and babies by imps.

Best Cheesy Goodness

La Frontera — I don’t care if its chic or not but I love the original  La Frontera’s on 400 South in Poplar Grove. Been eating there for 25 year and their smothered burritos with cheese and onions are to die for!

Best Farmer’s Market

Sugar House Farmer’s Market — The market is so much fun and people are the greatest especially the Happy Monkey Humus folk!

Best Matronly Mother

Charles Lynn Frost — He is my favorite actor and his character Dottie Dixon supports so many great GLBT causes and builds so many bridges.

Best for Drag Queen Sightings

The Matrons of Mayhem and the Cyber Sluts — They are my favorite Camp Drag performers. They do such good work that it’s no wonder they are turning into nuns. Catch them at the Third Friday Bingo at the First Baptist Church and the Second Friday Bingo at the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

 Annalisa Millo

Best Underrated Dog Park

Memory Grove — A big pond, hiking and biking trails, sunshine, trees, flowers and puppies. How does it get any better than that?

Best Local Band

The Devil Whale — If you know, you know. If you don’t, go see these guys as soon as is humanly possible, and your life will probably improve after having heard their music. They play Urban Lounge a few times throughout the year, have played alongside Langhorne Slim, Samantha Crain, The Head And The Heart, Cold War Kids, and many more, and they have just returned from their SXSW performance and tour. Frontman Brinton Jones keeps the music interesting and original, and is a favorite among the local community.

Best Hair Stylist for Short Hair

Rae Anderson — One of my biggest frustrations with getting my hair done is that usually the stylist is very hesitant to go as short as I want them to. If I’m going short, for me, it’s go big or go home. What I discovered was that usually the people best suited to do the hair of others with short hair, were stylists with short hair. Go figure. Further, I’m usually most comfortable getting my short haircuts from other queer female stylists, who are more exposed to and more familiar with the trends among lesbian/queer culture. Rae Anderson specializes in womens and mens short haircuts and colors. Her capabilities are anywhere from edgy and imaginative to simple and traditional. Making the drive to see her at the locally-owned, sustainability-minded Life Aveda Salon And Spa in The District is well worth it.

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