Trans-man calendar launched to raise funds

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For a lot of transgender people, finding the money to pay for surgery and other medical procedures is a tough battle. Most health benefit plans offered by even the most liberal of employers don’t cover many procedures, and medical bills can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

With an astonishingly positive attitude, Aaron Bain, a Utahn who identifies as a trans man, is doing something about it.

“Instead of asking people for money or complaining that it’s impossible, I am working on a solution that works for me,” Bain said.

He is looking for submissions from other trans men to take photographs of themselves so he can assemble a trans-man calendar. Running from Pride season to Pride season, the calendar will show trans men in a sexy and affirming attitude, he said.

“A lot of people make hats, or knit scarves and sell them. But I’m just not crafty like that, so I’m doing something that works for me, and that maybe offers something to the community,” Bain said. “This year, I’m doing this as a fundraiser for me. But I hope to make this an ongoing project and sponsor someone else’s surgery next  year.”

While there are some positive outlets in the community and online, there is a lack of affirming photos and media outlets for many trans people, Bain said.

“I am so astonished at the feedback I’ve already gotten from the community. I am so excited about it and so grateful for everyone’s help,” he said.

The calendars will be sold online and at the Utah Pride Festival in June. In addition to photos from trans men, he is asking for everyone to vote for their favorite photos on the Facebook page. The most popular photos will be included in the calendar and on the cover.

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