Utah Pride Center launches program for young adults

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In a plan to reach out to Utahns ages 21-40, the Utah Pride Center is launching a new program with yearlong social events and activities. The new program, UP365, or Utah Pride 365, will host monthly socials to reach the age group that was missing from Utah Pride Center programming, said the Center’s Executive Director Valerie Larabee, in a press release.

UP365 events kick off in May and will include food, drinks, live entertainment and more. Anyone is welcome to attend, as the events are designed to target the community at large.

“For many years UPC has recognized a gap in the availability of healthy community programs for young adults. We are thrilled with the future that can be exacted by engaging these young people through a spirit of service, responsibility and fun,” Larabee said.

This program is the first efforts of the Center’s Jr. Board — a group of 16 men and women who are helping to fill the void in the Center’s programming for young adults. Utah Pride’s Jr. Board is an all-volunteer committee chartered by the Utah Pride Center. It works to develop and empower young queer people and their allies.

For more information, go the utahpridecenter.org.

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  1. Interesting. I've always found it frustrating that they offer services for gay youth and elderly, but nothing for those in between. They're still exlcuding those of us who are over 40 but under 50, however.

  2. You all know that Utah Crew already exists, right? It's a pride center program for 20-40 yr olds. (Rough estimate of age category) It's not new. It's been going on for a while. Where did Q get their info? I should know, because I'm in it, and I'm currently working on improving site negotiations with the Pride Center and helping to improve communication over all.

  3. Interesting, cause the last time I checked, there is a program at the UPC for young adults. Utah Crew is a group that is built for ages 18 to 40. Granted we have not done too much to advertise our existence, but all the people doing outreach at Club Pure for the past few times are part of Utah Crew. I suppose that they are going to not recognize us as a group for the Utah Pride Center by making this announcement?
    I've been part of the Utah Crew since its inception. Our mission is to provide a safe space where people can come and be themselves without being judged. Everyone is welcome to attend our group activities and meetings. 🙂

  4. None of us even knew of a new program being employed. It's fishy how this lack of communication seems to go all the way to the top.

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