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Neo-Nazis support traditional marriage

While North Carolinians battle over a proposed state constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman, groups and individuals are weighing in. The latest to side with the conservative anti-gay marriage activists is the Neo-Nazi and white supremacist site World-Wide White Pride. The group says in a blog post that the proposed amendment would help protect the Caucasian race. However, it does not elaborate on the specifics of how two men saying, “I do,” would affect racial diversity. The neo-Nazis are joining ranks with the conservative religious groups to stop marriage equality in the Tar Heel state.

Conservatives attacking chicken noodle soup

After joining other conservative groups in a completely unsuccessful protest of J.C. Penny Co., the American Family Association is protesting Campbell Soup. The infamous company is sponsoring the Philadelphia’s Equality Forum, which greatly offends the delicate sensibilities of the religious groups. Asking parents to find another chicken noodle soup for their children when feeling ill, the AFA is fighting the ever-losing battle. How can the supposed voice for American families boycott chicken noodle soup?

School board member faces possible recall

After calling the superintendent a bitch and Trayvon Martin a faggot, Los Angeles school board member Skyy Fisher (yes, that is his real name and no, he is not a drag queen) is facing a potential ousting from voters. While he was speaking on his friend’s podcast, Fisher went on a long, profanity-laced rant about local officials and the victim of a possible hate crime. Fisher, who claims to be a leader for young people, has avoided commenting on the scandal except to say he didn’t know he was being recorded for that part of the conversation.

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