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“We select people not based upon their ethnicity or their sexual preference or their gender. But upon their capability. He was a capable individual. We’re sorry to have him go and actually a whole series of the senior people on my team and my supporters called him and encouraged him to stay. But he expressed a desire to move on and I wish him the very best.”

— Mitt Romney on the resignation of his openly gay spokesman Richard Grenell

“There will always be people who bully me for being gay, but I don’t care. It doesn’t affect me and it never has. That’s probably why they keep doing it. As a person who is all about love and peace, I know that you can’t be fully or truly happy until you are confident in who you are.”

— Tennessee student Zac Mitchell in his high school yearbook

“I believe that everyone must stand up for what is right, whenever possible, wherever possible. That is why I am joining you in opposing Amendment One in North Carolina. Amendment One unfairly targets women, children and families, gay and straight, who fall outside of the narrow definition of family articulated by those who drafted the legislation. It is our duty to join the fight on behalf of both the gay and lesbian North Carolinians who were the original targets of the amendment and the tens of thousands of straight male and female North Carolinians who will be collateral damage if the amendment passes next Tuesday.”

— Chelsea Clinton

“The sodomites are the real bullies. They want to force us to accept their abdominal behavior as if it were normal. If you refuse to ‘tolerate’ such deviancy they shower you with love-speech.”

— Christian activist Dave Daubenmire

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