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Laziz: A niche in Lebanese cuisine

Finding a niche in opening a business is a perfect recipe for success – and Laziz, an organic and pro-vegan Lebanese caterer and café, seems to be just what Salt Lake City needed. The company launched in February 2012 by two gay business, and life, partners, with Moudi Sbeity providing the culinary and cultural experience.

Focusing on delectable and healthy foods, a majority of the options that Laziz offers are vegan, organic and traditional Lebanese. Luckily, most of the traditional cuisine translates well to a healthier, more eco-friendly option without losing its taste, Sbeity said.

Laziz maintains a constant presence at 824 S. 400 West, Ste. B128, but will participate in several outdoor markets throughout the summer, including the Wheeler Farms Market, the Downtown Farmers Market beginning June 16 and the Millcreek Community Market starting July 27. Laziz also sells products through the Utah Food Co-Op.

“Hummus  and other traditional dishes carry a lot of health benefits and it’s so important that you consume foods that will help your body out,” Sbeity said. “I grew up with a lot of meat in my diet — especially lamb — but as I began cooking for myself, I started to realize how I didn’t have to sacrifice flavor when preparing the dishes without meat.”

While focusing on flavor and offering some delicious specialties, such as muhammara, a hot pepper dip, and a sweet and tangy vegan mayonnaise that can be used for various dishes, the overall focus is serving food that is also nutritional.

This is a chance to experience a new style of cooking for those that aren’t very familiar with Lebanese cuisine; for those that are familiar with the cuisine, they will enjoy a fantastic new twist, he said.

“There are so many spices and flavors at our disposal in Lebanese cooking,” Sbeity said. “Because of the country’s geographic location, we have influences from the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia. There are so many great dishes and flavors available.”

From individual servings at the restaurant to catering large events and small gatherings, give the locally and gay-owned Laziz a try.

For more information and to contact Laziz, call 435-757-9310, or email [email protected]. Laziz is also on Facebook at facebook.com/lazizhummus.

To participate in a Kickstarter fundraiser with fabulous prizes, go to kickstarter.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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