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Sanctity of marriage

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Fox News produces so-called marriage support poll

After several consecutive Gallup and ABC News polls, and various other studies, indicated that most Americans support gay marriage, Fox News entered the fray. With an embarrassment of a poll, the results indicated that a mere 37 percent of Americans support same-sex unions. However, even by their own standards, this is nearly double the last Fox News poll in 2004, which indicated only one in five Americans supported marriage equality.


The victim of an assault told police he couldn’t remember talking dirty to, or groping, the wife of a neighbor who punched him in the face. Declan Berkely, 45, pleaded not guilty to assaulting his neighbor Anthony McGann, 54.  The Irish couple had gone out with friends and come home, only to find that McGann had been coming onto and groping Berkely’s wife, police said.

Women’s suffrage

A Wisconsin man who tried to block his wife from voting in the election to oust Gov. Scott Walker was hospitalized with head, neck and back injuries when she struck him with her car. Jeffrey Radle, a Walker supporter, was standing in the driveway, attempting to prevent his wife, Amanda Radle, a recall proponent, from voting. She was in a Dodge Durango. Needless to say, the Durango won in the game of chicken.

Hospital visitation hours

When one Signapore woman was visiting her husband in a hospital, the talk strayed to his unfaithfulness, which escalated into a full-fledge argument. She then took a knife from her bag and swung it at him, stabbing him in his face and shoulder.  Quek Chin Fern, 38, was fined $4,000 for the assault. Lim Peng Kiang, 40, was already in the hospital for acid burns inflicted from an earlier assault by three unknown assailants.

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