BYU ranked near last in the national sexual health survey

 U tah’s Brigham Young University was ranked second-to-last in a survey about sexual health conducted by Trojan Brand Condoms. The only college ranked lower than No. 140 BYU was DePaul University, the nation’s largest catholic university.

Colleges and Universities were judged across 13 different health service categories, including access to anonymous advice, access to contraceptives and sexual awareness programs. Colleges from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. were surveyed.

Rounding out the bottom five universities were the U.S. Air Force Academy, Chicago State University and Seton Hall University.

The University of Utah came in the middle of the pack and was ranked 60 of 141. Utah State University was ranked 101 and Utah Valley University came in at 118.

The highest ranked schools in the nation were Columbia University, University of Illinois, Princeton University, Brown University and Oregon State University. To read the whole report, go to trojancondoms.com.

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  1. Lack of knowledge about sexual issues is not a good thing. Choices are being made without the information needed.

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