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Former Florida governor denies gay affairs

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is facing accusations of paying off two men to hide gay affairs while he was in office. Florida station WTSP reported evidence of documents alleging charges that Crist attempted to bribe two men into fleeing the state in order to hide proof of his sexual orientation during an unrelated investigation. Crist has dodged allegations of hiding his sexual orientation since entering the political world and was even the subject of a documentary profiling politicians who allegedly hide their homosexuality from the public. 

Anti-gay lawmaker admits to relationship with aide

Washington Rep. Matt Wingard stepped down as deputy Republican leader in the Oregon House amid allegations that he pressured a former aide to have a sexual relationship with him and that he supplied alcohol to minors. Wingard apologized saying he should not have entered into the relationship with the woman who is now 23 years old. The unnamed aide told reporters that Wingard hosted parties in his home where he knowingly supplied alcohol to people well under the legal drinking age. Wingard was a vocal opponent to the marriage equality bill that recently passed the Washington House and said traditional marriage is a foundation of society and law.

Republican politician won’t let sexting get him down

Despite his own admission that he sent graphic texts and emails to an employee, Rob Turner is seeking a fifth term as Hillsborough County property appraiser. The Florida Republican is one of several candidates on the ballot, but he’s refusing to back down, in spite of party officials’ pleas to do so. Turner says he is running on his successful record and hopes voters will forgive and forget his personal missteps.

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