Sanctity of marriage

Divorce Hotel coming to America

To make the difficult decision of separation much more palatable, couples who check in at the Divorce Hotel can check out of their marriages in a luxurious weekend escape. Couples check into separate accommodations on a Friday and by the time they leave on Sunday, they have everything needed to be legally divorced. While it’s only location is in Europe, a new five-star boutique will be opening soon in New York.

Marry young, divorce young

More than half of those who tied the knot in 2011 will end their marriages in divorce, and a disproportionate number of those divorces will come from people between the ages of 20 and 24. Those who were married in their early 20s make up nearly 40 percent of all divorces while making up a much smaller percentage of all marriages, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Young people who marry and divorce also report more financial and emotional difficulties.

Wife charges husband for sex

A Zimbabwe man filing for divorce is asking the courts for leniency because his wife charged him nearly $400 each time he wanted to have sex with her. James Kasunka said his wife Sela Temba charged him for each sexual encounter because he is HIV positive and she is not. Kasunka said because of an overactive sex drive, which was worsened by the medication he was on, drove him to poverty and he now owes his wife thousands of dollars. She’s asking for full payment with the divorce.

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