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2 Utahns make it big in the adult industry

A quick jaunt along any Salt Lake City street and there’s no doubt that this city is bursting at the seams with sexy men. From clean-cut, suit-and-tie clad Mormons to bad-ass snowboarders and skaters — Utah’s active lifestyle and squeaky clean image make for some extremely attractive men.

And the world has taken notice.

While filming and selling pornography in Utah is illegal, there are plenty of corn-fed Utah boys who’ve made the trip to sunny California to bare it all to the world. QSaltLake caught up with a couple of local boys who made it in the big time adult-film industry.

Sage Daniels

Sage Daniels lived in Utah for about five years and remembers quite fondly the nights spent at Club Sound and Babylon as a go-go dancer. He started in the industry with a local web company and made a couple of solo videos before being offered a bigger gig, and before he could bat one of his adorable, dark brown eyes, Daniels was a signed model for Spunk Videos.

Since March of 2007, Daniels has filled the screens, and fantasies, of thousands of viewers through many major studios including Red Stag, Factory, Factory Extreme, ThreshHold Media, Bone Daddy and Treasure Island Media.

“When I did my first scene it was exhilarating,” Daniels said. “People watch you and you get to play this part of a role in a fantasy. I was really taken aback by it. I guess it was more like a state of shock and adrenaline.”

Many of his films focus on hardcore aspects to sex, exploring the kinkier side of porn, and many of them are bareback. But filming without a condom was always his decision, he said.

“They approach you and are always very upfront about the fact that it’s going to be bareback,” Daniels said. “They tell you everything about your partners and exactly what you’re going to have to do and leave the decision up to you. I know way more about my partners than I ever would in a condom scene or on a first date.”

Daniels said he tried to break into the condom-using studios, but making the switch from bareback to condom is tough.

“There’s this big stigma in the industry. Condom actors stay with the condom studios and it’s rare to see a bareback actor break into the mainstream studios,” he said.

Although, he did land a more extensive role, which included acting and condom use in Golden Gate: The Perfect Ten.

Daniels is recovering from a recent pair of surgeries, but he hopes to be back on computer screens in the near future. In the meantime, he’s bulking up and looking as sexy as ever.

His amiable and down-to-earth attitude makes this stud even more attractive, and despite his charming attitude and very large … muscles, he’s single.

“I didn’t date much when I lived in Utah. I was a go-go dancer at the clubs, but not many people ever really asked me out,” he said.

His unassuming nature might be one of his best attributes (watch his videos and you’ll see his best). And he’s still got high hopes for the future.

If he could choose any partner for his next film, Daniels said he would tap Matthew Rush.

“I got to meet him one night. I got to know him as a real person and that turned me on more,” he said.

Daniels is an approachable open-book kind of guy and loves chatting with fans. Send him a Facebook message and he’s almost sure to respond. Following the hunk with Utah ties is a true pleasure.

Timo Garrett

Don’t let Timo Garret’s boyish looks fool you. This talented and sexy Utah native has a wild streak, which makes for some very interesting and outrageously entertaining videos. With a strong foothold in twink porn films, Garrett has worked with Pheonixxx.com, Boycrush.com and other sites, such as the Gay Life Network.

After living in Utah County until he was 17 years old, he studied in Germany for two years. He moved to Phoenix and later to San Francisco, but still maintains strong Utah ties. He comes home for Pride, Christmas and he’s a regular at Lake Powell.

Unlike common perceptions, it wasn’t an urgent and desperate need for money that pushed him into the adult-film industry.

“Strangely, the money wasn’t the main influence. It was more of taking on a hobby for me than anything else,” Garrett said.

One of the biggest challenges of working in the industry is fighting the stigma that so often accompanies adult entertainment actors, he said.

“However, it opened a door to an entirely new culture I had no idea even existed. It is a legitimate industry composed of thousands of individuals who work hard every day to continue delivering a product to their consumer,” he said. “This, and many other things, never used to cross my mind when browsing the web for this certain product.”

Garrett’s small frame and innocent looks lend perfectly to the twink studios, but now that he’s just a little older, Garrett’s looking to continue his work reaching a whole new demographic. But working as an adult entertainer isn’t just about what’s done in front of the camera, he added.

“Transitioning into another genre is inevitable for every adult-film model,” he said. “Also, living two separate lives tends to take a toll on you. Over time they seem to have molded into one.”

Often working in videos focusing on cross-generational encounters — think boss-employee and coach-athlete types of role play — he’s a versatile player who’s got an impressive ‘O’ face as well as some other readily apparent talents that he has excitedly displayed on camera.

To catch Garrett’s eye on one of his frequent visits to the state, he said he finds older, scruffy guys to be a huge turn on.

“Scruff, hands down is, for me, what sexy means.”

He’s still hoping to work with some of the big names in porn and has aspirations to land shoots with Bryan Slater and Logan McCree and he’s still looking forward to working with Chi Chi LaRue at C1R.com and, of course, Michael Lucas.

To follow Garrett’s career, find him on Twitter @TimoGarrettXXX.

(Photo credit: Bryan Slater)

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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