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Local designer offers flattering designs for women’s swimwear

With focus on bright, bold and beautiful, one local designer has flattering feminine swimsuits perfect for any beach or pool vacation. Painter-gallery director-turned-swimsuit-designer Emily Sanders recently launched a swimwear collection, available online at personaswimwear.com and at several local shops, including Cotton Blossom Boutique in Holladay and Called to Surf in Provo.

“I would say my designs are somewhere between skimpy-sexy and matronly modest,” Sanders said. “I wanted to create some swimsuits that work for real women in real situations.”

Finding a balance between showing all and a suit that covers the natural curves of the female body was nearly impossible for Sanders, so she decided to use her artistic background to create a work of art for the female body. After nearly a year of designing, trial and error, and searching for local high-quality manufacturers, Sanders has launched an innovative and top-of-the-line swimsuit collection for women.

This summer’s hottest suits feature bright colors and patterns. One of the hot designs is the bikini cut with an elaborate tattoo-inking style.

“When in doubt, always go with bright colors,” Sanders said. “You don’t want to look all washed out and the bright colors with different patterns will never go out of style.”

Sanders’ designs are her original statement on current trends.

“When it comes to art, you need to really be true to yourself and your own inspirations,” Sanders said. “While I went through the lengthy design process, I would always use myself as a model. If it works for me, it will work for other women.”

Sanders’ eclectic taste is a byproduct of a variety of influences, but Sanders’ travels have been the biggest impacts on her expressions, as evidenced by her designs. Each suit is hand-sewn, commercially finished and produced in the United States.

“I’ve never seen any suits like these, so you’ll know it’s original and tasteful when you go to the beach or the pool,” Sanders said.

This design flirts with a classic vintage look while staying sexy and chic. The red, black and white color scheme has the feel of Paris. This suit is perfect for those that have a curvy, more voluptuous figure. By accenting the curves, this suit will lighten the torso. It is also terrific for lifting the boobs, making them perkier, Sanders said.

“This really is a universal suit for real women,” Sanders said. “Make sure to match the cut of the swimsuit to your body type, and the Paris design is really going to be flattering for curvaceous women.”

Venice Beach
This design goes above and beyond a simple yellow polka-dot bikini. With a fun twist on an old classic, the Venice Beach design is eye-catching and flirty. The suit is complementary to those that are comfortable with their midsections, Sanders said. It doesn’t require a perfect body, but this two-piece is designed to lift the boobs and accentuate the hips. The no-bulge design will stop a muffin top from forming because of the way the bottom piece sits on the hips, she said.

“This suit is for the fun-loving woman that is comfortable with her body,” Sanders said. “The extra bust support is also going to be really great for bust-enhancement.”

Alice in Wonderland
Aptly named for its blue and black design, this design will hug the curves and accentuate the figure.

“The simple, understated style is elegant and provides more coverage that allows more movement with an elegant feel,” Sanders said.

For those looking for a day on the beach complete with a style statement and the freedom to join in a volleyball game, this suit is the perfect match.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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