NY gay marriage saved as court tosses suit

A New York appellate court dismissed a lawsuit targeted at the state’s 2011 law that allows gay and lesbian marriage. The suit, represented by Liberty Council which has close ties to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, claimed that a closed-door meeting between Gov. Andrew Cuomo, state senators and gay marriage supporters was illegal and that the subsequent vote should be overturned.

Closed-door negotiations are quite commonplace, and the court found that the meetings did not violate any laws.

The marriage law was approved by the state senate after weeks of intensive lobbying and swiftly signed by Cuomo, making New York the largest state to legalize same-sex marriage. Gay and lesbian couples began marrying in droves on July 24, 2011, the day the law became official.

“Today the New York State Appellate Court, Fourth Department upheld New York’s Marriage Equality Act, which ensures that marriage is available to all New York couples regardless of sexual orientation,” Cuomo wrote in a statement. “This law was passed by both houses of the legislature and signed into law in June 2011. The court’s decision affirms that in our state, there is marriage equality for all, and with this decision New York continues to stand as a progressive leader for the nation.”

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