Man attacked, called gay slur outside Salt Lake City bar

A man was called a homophobic slur and hit on the head with a cocktail glass outside a popular Salt Lake City bar, sending him to the hospital on July 8. Jake Allred told Fox 13 News he was outside Maxwell’s in Salt Lake City when a man approached him and asked him if he found some women in the bar attractive. Avoiding the subject, the assailant said, “you kind of sound like a faggot,” Allred told Fox 13.

The attacker then slammed the glass into the side of Allred’s head.

“I was bleeding all over the place. There was blood everywhere. My pants were soaked, my shoes were soaked in blood, my shirt – everything was just caked,” Allred told Fox 13.

Paramedics took Allred to the University of Utah Medical Center, where he had more than 20 internal stitches to close ruptured arteries and 26 external stitches.

During the chaos of the attack, Allred’s friend, Justin Little, said he saw the attacker leave the bar. No suspects have been announced yet and Allred is still looking for his attacker.

Having policies in place to protect against perceived sexual orientation and gender identity is a priority for Equality Utah, said Executive Director Brandie Balken.

“We don’t just say these policies are in place to protect gays and lesbians. Instead, the laws protect based on real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity,” Balken said. “Our goal, and what we always say around the office, is to achieve equality for everyone. We’re not asking for special rights.”

The investigation is active and witnesses are still being interviewed, said Salt Lake City Police Detective Dennis McGowan.

“We take each case circumspectly and look at all angles. If the possible angle (of a hate crime) comes up in the course of an investigation, that angle will be pursued,” McGowan said. “We have no further information about the investigation we are prepared to release at this time.”

The suspect is described as a muscular white male, in his 20s, 5 feet 10 inches tall with short, cropped blonde hair.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Salt Lake City Police Department at 801-799-3000.


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  1. yes, Several yrs ago I had someone threaten to shoot my g/f and I as we were walking near Liberty Park & holding hands.

  2. I was punched in the face at poplar 2 years ago because talking about my BF. I have a crude sense of humor and I tend to offend people easily however this was one of the times when I was actually behaving myself and minding my own business.

  3. I was punched on my face last saurday at Metro just because i dance with a girl and the "stupid/ass boyfriend" didnt like i was dancing better than hm..i really Metro was a really safe place for me.

  4. Mario I was working by you when it happened do you remember the black eye I had for a week?

  5. Yes, sadly your pretty face was fucked up. I remember. And i still can think people would allow things like this happen in bars with " security" all around us.

  6. Security pulled the two guys off me instantly but no cops were called. I was sitting in a chair and they came up from behind me. Two huge guys had to use the element of surprise to fight a 135 pound 5 foot 8 guy like me. Strangest thing. Concealed weapons permits have made me feel much safer. Gays with guns don't get bashed.

  7. hmm now I do understand your comments about carrying guns ..i know you carry around your maze spray everywhere you go..yeah sometimes you need to protect yourself after a fucking event like this. being assaulted in a public place is very traumatic, youre thinking youre safe..no youre not. I could beat the crap out of that guy at Metro if i wanted to, but i had to control myself. Im not a violent person but i van get very crazy if i had to use my survival skills.

  8. I always carry now. Back then I even had mace on me at the time, but they came around behind me when I was sitting in a chair.

  9. Yes, had bricks and beer bottles thrown through everyone of our windows that faced the street while living on State street right next to the Capitol Building, all because I had painted an equality sign and a rainbow flag on them. Couldn't sleep the rest of the night.

  10. Sorry to hear these things happened to you guys.But John is right always learn how to protect yourself is very important Im all againts guns but mace is ok. Chris you shouldve called the cops on these guys i feel they will keep behaving like this at any place they go.

  11. Jason clearly you can only pull a gun if you are afraid for your life. Better them then me.

  12. Fucking cowards. I wish I was with you Chris. You guys should learn how to protect yourselves. Always be aware of your surroundings are learn to kill people when ever necessary.

  13. good. remember to always train. just because you have a gun doesn't mean the other person doesn't. just some tips. and i don't mean your penis tip either. bam!

  14. Your reaction to that punch was priceless. Most people would have lost it. Some people would have cried and some people would have fight, but not many people could start laughing in the face of the person who just sucker punched them. Some people just shouldn't carry a gun; you clearly are not one of them.

  15. Just 48 hours later (my first 5 min. in downtown Salt Lake City, BTW), I was also called a "fagot" from a car outside Maxwell's – for no discernible reason and probably by the same A-hole who committed this crime!

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