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Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and heroic endeavor. Yep, sounds like the Humane Society of Utah’s Athena (A055283). This tortie is a 2-year-old domestic shorthair who is house-trained, good with other cats and great with kids. Athena is strictly an indoor cat. We hope you can adopt this goddess, but if you can’t, then please share this information with your Facebook friends.


Duke is a dog’s dog. He loves his canine companions and his humans. He loves them so much that he finds himself dealing with separation anxiety when left alone. This boy needs company. He’s house-trained but since he’s a bit rambunctious Duke does best with kids in their teens. Bring a tennis ball along and come meet this lovable 6-year-old chocolate lab. After all, who doesn’t love chocolate?

If you want to learn about adoption procedures, visit utahhumane.org.

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