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“So long as Gayle Ruzicka and her ilk make spineless legislators tremble in their panties we will have no progress. We can’t even get them to say gay people shouldn’t be fired or evicted simply for being gay, even with Republican bill sponsors.”

— Issac Higham on support of civil unions rising in Utah

“Well, since you can be fired in Utah just for being gay, can you blame them for not being out at work?”

— Brian Johnson on the Utah workers remaining silent about their sexual orientation

“Thank you for writing about Gordon. He was my cousin, I didn’t know him but I know his family. I was 14 when it happened and I didn’t know the real story until just a few years ago. His story deserves to be told, he deserves to be remembered. At times I feel like I’m just another gay Mormon kid from Utah, but that in and of itself is something to be proud of.”

— Amie Marie writing about the torture and murder of Gordon Church

“And the world said a collective ‘Duh!’”

— Ben Harvell wrote about Anderson Cooper admitting he is gay

“Anderson Cooper’s response was honest and open. I respect him tremendously.”

— Jan McClintock Ibarra

“The real reason people object to homosexuality is because of a few Bible verses that they interpret to mean that all homosexual acts are sins. They don’t actually have a reason other than that — they just try to find ways to rationalize it, because they want to believe their religious beliefs are right.”

— Scott Hawkins

“God does hate some things — intolerance being way up there on the list.”

—Drew Armstrong

“It is religion, not homosexuality that will destroy our nation.”

— Trent Green

“Lack of knowledge about sexual issues is not a good thing. Choices are being made without the information needed.”

— Lannea Rae

“Every once in awhile I’m stunned too by the progress we’ve made, especially when I talk with young gays and lesbians and see what a different world they grew up in and now live in.”

— Melvin Dean Baker

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