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Congressman marries partner

Democratic Rep. Barney Frank married his partner, James Ready, becoming the first congressman to enter into a same-sex marriage. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick officiated the ceremony as the couple promised to love one another through Democratic and Republic administrations. Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, has been open about his sexuality since the late 1980s.

France set to legalize same-sex marriage

France’s new Socialist government is set to legalize marriage, within a year, for same-sex couples, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said. The promise reflects a shift in public attitude in the dominant Catholic nation. President Francois Hollande has been very vocal about his support for marriage equality, however, until now no time frame had been announced.

Humane Society helping animals find new homes

In a week’s time in July, the Humane Society of Utah secured 119 pet adoptions. There were 60 dogs, 56 cats and three rabbits who all found a new home. But there are still many animal companions who need loving homes in Utah. The Human Society is one of many organizations offering pet-adoption services, and their listings can be found on utahhumane.org.


8 arrested in St. Petersburg

Russian police arrested eight people for attempting to hold gay-rights rallies in St. Petersburg. News agencies reported that police arrested three rally organizers at a park, while five others were arrested for a later protest. If convicted, supporting homosexuality in public is punishable by a fine of up to 500,000 rubles, or about $15,000.

Presbyterians narrowly decline to recognize same-sex unions

In an extremely close vote, the Presbyterian denomination voted to reject an endorsement of gay marriage. The vote was held at the church’s biannual conference and the final tally came to 338 to 308. However, a separate tally of votes by seminary students and young adult advisers showed that 82 percent voted to accept same-sex marriage with only 18 percent opposing.

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