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Pet rehab clinic uses underwater treadmill, acupuncture treatments

Inserting needles in just the right location and depth for pain release is an ancient practice — and it’s not just for humans anymore. The Utah Pet Rehab & Acupuncture Center employs various acupuncture techniques along with other therapy practices to help animal companions recover from physical ailments and neurological issues.

“You’d be surprised at how well the dogs behave. We don’t sedate them and most dogs learn quickly that it makes them feel better. Most are excited after they learn that it helps them,” said Shawna McCall, co-founder of the clinic.

The dogs are treated on a bed laid on the floor, where they don’t have to feel intimidated or nervous and each session will help with pain relief when medications are not working or are causing undesired side effects. It’s also used when surgery is not an option. Animal companions with arthritis, sore muscles, hip dysplasia, chronic injuries, nervous-system disorders, respiratory problems, nerve injury, kidney or liver disease are perfect candidates for pet acupuncture.

The clinic also utilizes other physical therapy treatments for animals. A unique underwater treadmill helps the animals gain strength without stressing the problematic areas.

Physical therapy and acupuncture techniques have been used on humans for centuries and the same theories can be very effective when used in conjunction with an overall health approach for animal companions, McCall said.

The Utah Pet Rehab Clinic is located at 5532 Lillehammer Lane, Park City. For more information, call 435-640-5451 or visit utahpetrehab.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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