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Utah’s own dog whisperer knows how to speak to dogs

Move over Cesar Milan, Utah’s own dog whisperer is taking over. Owner of the Fabby Award-winning Dogs R Us, Jeff Peay offers affordable and tremendously effective dog training.

In place of massive classes filled with smart, and not-so-smart dogs, Peay offers private training to maximize success and value.

“Your dog will get more out of an hour of private training than he or she ever could in a large class at Petco,” Peay said.

Most dog trainers focus on teaching the animals to respond to treats, but there’s more to it, he said.

“Sure you can get the dog to sit with a treat in your hand. But what happens when you need him to sit when you don’t have any treats?” he said.

While not donning the label of dog whisperer, Peay has won multiple statewide awards and is just plain gifted with animals. His down-to-earth personality makes him easy to work with, whether you have four legs or two.

For more information and price listings, go to dogrusslc.com.

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