DJ Brady Turville rises through the ranks

Sexy and new to the Salt Lake club scene, DJ Brady Turville is a guest disc jockey at Metro Bar; his infectious smile and beats are enough to bring out crowds. He’ll be spinning at Metro Bar, 540 W. 200 South, on July 21. We caught up with him to hear about his inspirations and what it would take to catch his eye (Think True Blood and Law & Order).

You’re new to the scene. How did you get started? 

I’ve been putting together compilation CDs of house music for years for my friends. Anybody that knew me knew my passion for remixes and music. I became really good friends with the promoters of Metro Bar and expressed to them my passion for music and made them aware that I had been practicing my disc jockey skills and that I wanted to express my style of music. I asked for one opportunity to open for Metro Bar for an hour to show them and the community my style. They gave me my opportunity and I (along with the bar) received amazing and positive feedback. I opened up for Metro a few more times and shortly after I was given the opportunity to have a full night set. The crowed loved my set, they loved my energy and I’ve been spinning at the club on a regular basis ever since.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Most of my inspiration must be given to my most favorite singing group of all time, Ace of Base. After becoming obsessed with Ace of Base in the early ’90s, I had a major passion for dance music. My biggest DJ inspirations and those I admire the most would be Almighty, Cosmic Dawn, Dave Audé, Wayne G., Joe Gauthraux, Wideboys, Alex Dubbing, Freemasons, WaWa, Cahill and others.

How would you describe your own style?

I would best describe my music as happy, high energy, surprising and exciting. As much as I love today’s greatest hits, I love to throw in a lot of old school songs and mixes that anybody in the gay scene will know, but they may not have heard in a while, songs that will take you back five, 10 or even 20 years, to a place and time with great memories. I love to keep old-school remixes alive.

What do you find sexy in a man? 

There are three major things I instantly find sexy in a man. First, someone who is older. Second, someone who gives off a masculine vibe. And third, someone who is physically fit – into health and wellness.

If you could have sex with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

If I could have sex with any celebrity, it would have to be Christopher Meloni from Law & Order SVU. He’s attractive, masculine, fit, older and not to mention he has a fantastic personality. Yum!


Plumb – “Beautiful History” (Almighty Club Mix)
Roxette – “Stars” (Extended Dance Mix)
Matt Cardle – “Starlight” (Alias Club Mix)
Oceanlab – “On A Good Day” (Metropolis Extended Mix)
Kim English – “It Makes A Difference” (Wawa Club Mix)
Katherine McPhee – “Touch Me” (Jody Den Braoder Club Mix)
Kelly Clarkson – “Dark Side” (Liam Keegan Club Mix)
Ben Montague – “Live Like Stars” (Cahill Club Mix)
Goldfrapp – “Rocket” (Tiesto Mix)
Michael Jackson – “Earth Song” (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)
Devushka – “Opportunities” (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) (7th Heaven)
The Wanted – “Glad You Came” (Krunk! Club Anthem Mix)
Selena Gomez – “Hit The Lights” (Dave Aude Club Mix)
Demi Lovato – “Give Your Heart A Break” (Alias Club Mix)
Carly Rae Jepsen – “Call Me Maybe” (Almighty Club Mix)

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