In response to support for Mia Love

James Humphreys,

I have always respected your work with the Log Cabin Republicans. Admittedly, I haven’t a clue how one can belong to the GOP and be queer, but that is a discussion for another day. Today I’m addressing your remarks in Issue 208 of QSaltLake regarding Republican Congressional candidate Mia Love.

I have friends who are residents of Sarasota Springs. None of them speak of her with any respect. She rules with an iron fist and appears to have no regard for anyone who disagrees with her, or anything other than her religiously biased Tea Party bigotry.

You said, “She’s got the principles down. She is the real deal — more so than any other candidate in the state and probably the nation.”

I guess you need to play nice so the GOP will want to let you in their playground (good luck with that), but come on, really? You just lost whatever respect you once had.



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One Comment

  1. Mia Love the real deal? Republican,black and Mormon. Why not a Nazi Rabbi? Equally absurd. This woman has the intellectual credibility of an onion. After Matheson, this creature I have to put up with as my representative has done one thing. This vet will be getting in my wheelchair to go out and work for ANYONE opposing her and the other crazy bookend Mike Lee. I don't want Ted Cruz's bitch to be Senator of the Senate Men's room. Want to know how I really think?

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