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Honey and Steven

More than six years ago, a skinny, stray red heeler came into my yard and started playing with my border collie. I adopted her and named her Honey. She died on Feb. 28 after a short illness. She was one of the best dogs anyone could have. She is missed by everyone who knew her, dog and human alike.

Douglas and Solomon

Sweet little Solomon was born in October 1988 and crossed over in July 2005.  He was a Chihuahua that was given to me because no one would take him.  He would fit in my shirt pocket and would go everywhere with me. People thought he was a rat!  He was the runt of the litter and I bottle-fed him and kept him on a heating blanket for the first month I had him.  He grew up to be a healthy, happy dog and brought me endless joy. He was such a loyal, sweet and loving dog and he lived to be 17 years old and then I had to help him cross over.  I miss him to this day and always will, but he was just in too much pain to be in his little body anymore.  Can’t wait to see him again when I get over there!

Brandon, Layne and Lexie

We adopted Lexie from Robert Scott Smith and Charles Black when they sold their home here in Salt Lake City. We thought it would be a couple of years as she had been adopted from the animal shelter when she was a kitten and she was pushing 17 years old then! She is still around the house. Maybe it’s a little spooky, but I have heard her “talk” to me twice and both Brandon and I have caught her running down the hall, out of the corner of the eye. A neighbor wasn’t aware she had died for a couple of weeks until she asked us why Lexie was so friendly and rubbed against her when she visited. She hadn’t been so active since she had known her. She was a little shocked to find out she had died two weeks earlier.

Sam and Greg

Today was a very spiritual day for my family, friends, neighbors and I as we shared in the passing of my beloved three-legged yellow lab, Sam.

Sam was very special in many ways. I adopted him when I turned 40. Sam was six months old and his right front leg had been amputated. Sam and I participated in the Utah AIDS Foundation Walk for Life several times and one year Sam won first place in the pets category and won second place the next year.

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