Queer-inclusive lingerie boutique offers sizes and environment for all

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Finding a queer-friendly local shop to purchase lingerie, bras and other clothing items in Utah can be extremely difficult. Finding one in Davis County was near impossible. That was, until Pretty You Boutique opened on 11 N. Main St., Kaysville. Owner and operator Christy Allen provides a unique and inviting atmosphere for everyone, regardless of gender identity, size or shape. With custom bra and lingerie fittings and an enormous selection of sizes, styles and colors, Pretty You Boutique is an ideal shopping destination for any Utahn, especially those who identify as women or who enjoy wearing bras and panties.

“We simply offer outstanding service and a terrific collection of items,” Allen said. “We have a large variety of bras and panties that men and women can wear. You don’t have to be nervous about how you’ll be received here.”

Christy said she has some customers who identify as transgender, others who are cross-dressers and some men who just like to wear feminine underwear and bras. But none of that matters to her. In fact, she is one of the only suppliers in the region of Homme Mystere, lingerie designed by men, for men.

“My store gives clients of all genders a classy, up-scale experience without prejudice.  There’s no sneaking through the sales racks with sales people leering at you or talking about you after you leave,” Christy said. “Everyone is treated as a person who needs lingerie.  Bras are bras are bras.  I don’t judge customers.  It’s not my place.  I just want my customers to have the best fitting lingerie possible and a large selection.  Department stores don’t cater to such experiences. …”

In addition to the impressive collection, Christy offers extremely personalized customer service. Focusing on size, fit and comfort, she also helps find the best colors and patterns for each customer’s taste.

A former member of the military, Christy has traveled the world and is excited to have a chance to show that Northern Utah has resources for queer Utahns.

From investigating to transitioning, Pretty You Boutique has the selection, service and accommodations for anyone looking for custom-fitted lingerie and bras.

For more information, go to prettyyouboutique.com or call 801-682-8959.

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