Attackers carve ‘Dyke’ into woman’s stomach, set her on fire

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A Lincoln, Neb. woman was attacked in her home and tied to her bed when her attackers carved gay slurs into her skin and lit her house on fire on July 22. The woman said she was attacked early that morning by three masked men who entered her house, tied her wrists and ankles with zip ties, cut her with knives and carved, “dyke” into her skin before dumping gasoline on the floor and lighting it on fire.

The woman escaped from her home, completely naked and bleeding from multiple wounds and reached her neighbor’s house, where they called police. A police spokesperson said the investigation is still underway and no further details are being released at this time. Identifying the attackers is difficult because they hid their identities. The men who assaulted her also spray painted gay slurs in her basement and friends say they think this was a hate crime because the woman assaulted is a lesbian.

The attack drew outrage from the queer and allied community and a candlelight vigil attracted hundreds of attendees to the State Capitol.

The city recently passed a measure that banned discrimination in housing and employment based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, but petition gatherers obtained enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot this November.

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  1. The article says the attackers carved "dyke" in her stomach and that her friends think this was a hate crime because she is a lesbian. The article further states that the attackers carved "dyke" in her stomach. – So they THINK this was a hate crime? They THINK it was? I am absolutely CERTAIN this was a hate crime! – And no baby is BORN a hater. People must be TAUGHT this type of hate. We absolutely must become a more loving and tolerant society. People who hate this intensely are not happy people and they inflict their extreme unhappiness on all of us. This must stop.

  2. Omg that is horrible. This is very sad. When will this kind of hatred stop!

  3. I just can't fathom what kind of person would do something like that to another person, regardless of sexual orientation. I'm glad she got out alive, but what a sick and traumatic event!

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