Chick-fil-A PR vice president dies of a heart attack

Chick-fil-A Vice President of Corporate Public Relations  Donald A. Perry has passed away.

Ross Cathy, brother of company CEO, Dan Cathy, told WRBL News that Perry died this morning from a heart attack.

Chick-fil-A Inc. relased the following statement:

We are saddened to report the news to you that our dear friend Don Perry, vice president of public relations, passed away suddenly this morning.

Don was a member of our Chick-fil-A family for nearly 29 years.  For many of you in the media, he was the spokesperson for Chick-fil-A.  He was a well-respected and well-liked media executive in the Atlanta and University of Georgia communities, and we will all miss him.

Dan Cathy inflamed a rift between the gay an lesbian community and Chick-fil-A when he recently admitted to being anti-gay, saying, “guilty as charged.” Equality groups across the country have called for a boycott of the fast food chain.

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  1. I'm sure the stress of Cathy's recent comments contributed to his death. Many times these controversies have a human toll.

  2. Chik-fil-A hides the grease and extremely unhealthy food under the banner of chicken is healthier. It makes Mc D's look like a health food chain.It's menu is one of the absolute worst of major chains nutritionally. It no doubt has contributed to many heart attacks.

  3. I took my mom out to a surprise lunch yesterday at the old ZCMI center Food Court (telling her that it's somewhere she hasn't been in two decades…) and narrowly avoided going to Chick-Fil-A, put on my flustered and disgustered faces, toned down a bit, and dragged her away from sure Ice-Dream damnation to a local froyo shop.

    Then the debate and argument that left at least one of us in tears began.

  4. I thought the other guys were the ones always praying that we'd drop dead.. sorry, had to say it.

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