Photo of former Mormon leader’s son dressed in drag surfaces

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A photo of Mormon Church leader Brigham Young’s 35th child, Brigham Morris Young, dressed in his drag persona, Madam Pattirini, has surfaced.

Brigham Young had 55 wives and 56 children. Brigham Morris Young, aka Madam Pattirini, founded the Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association. He performed as Pattirini in Utah venues from 1885 to the 1900s. He had a convincing falsetto, and most did not realize that Pattirini was Young.

He did marry one wife and had children.


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  1. This image and story was in Queer Fuckers Magazine in 1991. Queer historian and expert on the intersection between the Mormon Church and homosexuality Connell O'Donovan was all over this back then.

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