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Tampa gay bars and strip clubs gearing up for GOP convention

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The Republican National Convention is coming to Tampa, Fla. next week, weather permitting, and strip clubs, gentleman’s clubs and bars — both gay and straight — are pulling out the stops to welcome straying delegates.

According to The Daily Bleach, “a slew of x-rated websites have announced the tawdry, hardcore erotic services they’re offering exclusively to convention attendees.”

A straight club is offering a Sarah Palin look-alike, Nailin Palin. Another invites delegates to “Super PAC your night” with half off their “Santorum Stimulus Package” and “Discreet ETHNIC male dancers available by request.”

The Ybor gay bathhouse is offering free admission to RNC delegates and invites them to their new dark room for “a shot in the dark.”

Dwight’s Erotique Cabaret “welcomes the RNC to Tampa with a heartfelt tribute to America’s military muscle” with a champagne salute to Col. Sen. Lindsay Olin Graham, R-SC who is rumored to be gay. Their ad features a shirtless muscle man wearing skimpy camouflage underwear.

Gay conservative group GOProud is hosting HomoCon 2012 at the Honey Pot with a VIP male revue featuring a Paul Ryan look-alike. The event features a number of conservatives speakers including Dana Loesch, the editor of conservative news and opinion website Breitbart. Critics of GOProud disagree with their allegiance to Loesch because of her past anti-gay remarks.

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  1. all those closeted GOP's in Tampa….it'll be like General Conference in Salt Lake…..the gay bars will be filled with fresh meat looking for some 'relief'…then back to the conference to proclaim your dislike and disgust of the 'homo lifestyle and agenda'.

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