West Coast DJ brings style, class to Moab Pride

The sexy and fabulous DJ Jen Woolfe will be headlining the Moab Pride Festival, Sept. 28-29. She’s eclectic and has a mad sense of music blending. For more information about Moab Pride, go to moabpride.org.

You were at the inaugural Moab Pride Festival. How was the experience?

Positive and welcoming. To be honest, the entire experience blew me away. The support from the town, the warmness of everyone I met, all the talent that was there. I was honored to be part of it all.

For those that aren’t familiar with your work, how would you describe your sound?

My sets are influenced by my history of pop, alternative, hip-hop, folk and electronic rock, but my first love is house music. House is any music where there’s a kick drum on every beat. What that means is that you can make house music out of anything, so I tend to use a base of underground house tracks with pop remixes and a lot of familiar vocal samples as hooks. The constant beat holds the vibe on the dance floor, but hearing a random gem that takes you back to a middle school dance makes everyone smile.

Who are your biggest musical influences? Who’s on your iPod right now?

This should cover the gamut: Jason Rivas, Sharam, Tiga, Missy Elliot, XX, LCD Soundsystem, Oasis, Beth Orton, Madonna, M.I.A. and a whole slew of extremely talented local West Coast disc jockeys.

Do you have any guilty pleasure music? A Lindsay Lohan or Hillary Duff CD hidden somewhere?

Always! My current is probably Tegan and Sara.

What do you find attractive in a partner?

Independence, openness and someone who is willing to grow and experience. I need playfulness, too. I can often get too serious.

If you could date any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Kate Winslet. She seems to know herself and live life on her terms, but with a powerful voice and compassion toward others. Besides, those lips!

Sample set list:

I Dance U by Darftphunk
Rock U (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Radio Remix) by Alexander Technique feat. Princess Superstar
Overdose feat. S. La Rock the Mic by Rishie & Nunans
Shame On Me (Viking Remix) by Amanda Blank
Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix)
Scare Tactics by MonoPunk


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