Best missed connections of Craigslist

Silver Prius, jamming to tunes — W4W

I was driving around downtown enjoying the summer afternoon when I looked to my left. You were jamming to tunes and your cute dog was taking in the city scene. You then got behind me to take a picture of my bumper stickers. I tried to go slow so you could get a clear one, but the lights kept turning green. Then at 700 East you drove past and charmed me with your beautiful smile. It made my entire day. Thank you for your boldness and lovely personality. I love falling in love with strangers.

Lagoon performer – M4M

Hey! We made eye contact a few times tonight. You are in the performance, “Marry the Night” at Lagoon. I don’t know if you swing this way or not. I don’t really have much of a gaydar… Well, I guess tell me something about me. I was there with some of my family.

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